Letrozole shortage?

I tried to get my Letrozole prescription today, my chemist ( large chain ) cannot get any…at all. I phoned around and managed to get 1 packet of 28 of Accord and when that chemist went on line to see what she could get she said there wasn’t any available …of   any brand and she would keep trying. 

She also told  me that if I cannot get any by the time I have nearly finished the pack I would have to go to my GP and get a new prescription stating Femara as that was the only one available at the moment .

Has anyone had a similar experience? 

Hi Happyboobs,

That is rather alarming news, I wonder whether it is a local problem? I have a prescription to fill in the next week, so will let you know how I get on.

I really hope they get some of a suitable brand for you by the time you need it.


I requested my prescription on Fri and asked for more than 1 month’s supply as I work away from home but was told only ever can give me a max of 28 days.

collected them today and got just 14 days of Dr Reddy which is a new brand to me and when questioned at the Dr.’s was told to ring back tomorrow once they ask my dr…so not sure if this is the same problem?

Julie x

Hi, thank you for your replies. I would like to add that I live in the Crawley area, West Sussex. 

I have just tried to get Accird Letrozole. Cannot get it at all. I’m in a panic.

I have just tried to get Accord Letrozole. Cannot get it at all. I’m in a panic.