Letrozole side effects: wrists & fingers

Hi, I’ve been taking Letrozole for about six months and everything was fine until a few weeks ago. I now wake up with stiff, painful finger joints, and sometimes my wrists feel odd and painful. This can go off, or it can continue through the day.


I had been addicted to crocheting (I even used to do it whlie waiting for radiotherapy each day), then I went through a month or two when I lost interest (I had a bad Crohn’s flare up which knocked the stuffing out of me and took some time to get over). I’ve started crocheting again and now the hand pains are putting a stop to that. Could they be related to the Letrozole? Does anyone else get it, and what can I do about it?


I notice someone mentioned taking viamin.C.I used to take vitamin C & Zinc, as well as vitamin B complex, but I was taking so many pills that I stopped taking them when I started the Letrozole. Would it help to go back on them?


And do different brands of Letrozole do different things to you? I haven’t made a note of which brands I’ve been given, as everything seemed fine, but I’ve had two or three different ones, I think.Do symptoms kick in after a certain time?

Hello Charlotte

Welcome to the letrozole club. .yep you have got the normal side effects …my wrists almost play a tune with creaks …but I also do tapestry a lot and pressure on the joints …I also text a lot on phone too …so self inflicted.
I take cod liver oil daily …might be just in the mind but I’m sure it helps …
I insist on Accord brand now as it’s the best of the bunch for me … hair thinning has been my worst thing. …
Hugs xx

Not sure about evening primrose with letrozole though …I’m sure I was told it was a no no as it works against hormones treatments …maybe I’m wrong and other ladies will know more and correct me … lots of vitamins are on the no can do list.

I don’t know where the list is but I’m sure I was told this my oncologist maybe ? I asked about cod liver oil and vitamin c first too …that was ok. Isnt it st John’s wort also that is a no no …

Yes …I was given ok to take that but it doesn’t agree with me …
I’m sure you will be ok with evening primrose …try not to worry too much. The trouble is unless we know these vitamins …it’s a minefield of what is ok and I suppose that’s why we should all ask first.
Hugs xxxx