Letrozole side effects

Hi everyone, I had a 3cm tumour removed almost a year ago. I avoided chemo but was put on Letrozole for five, maybe ten years.

I was reluctant to go on the drug, having researched the side effects but agreed to try.

I have psoriatic arthritis, so was concerned about the joint aches and pains, menopausal feelings, hair loss.

seven months of Letrozole, and my effects are as follows, and I would really like to know if these are similar to everyone else.


aches and pains.

insomnia, my biggest concern.

menopausal symptoms, getting hot at times.

cough , cannot clear cough especially at night, makes sleeping very difficult.

some reflux, wondering if this is causing cough.

hair seems to be ok but some thinning at  front.

very emotional, cannot watch films without crying.


I asked my GP to mention Accord by name on prescription  as had to change pharmacies as was prev getting different brands, and I prefer to stay on same brand.


Will be interested to see any comment on the above side effects.




Oh, and another thing…bad memory! I forgot to mention bad memory, am forgetting things all the time!

rgds, V

Hi Venice


I had surgery almost a year ago and have been on letrozole (also Accord) for 8 months now, so similar timings to you.  I also took a while to decide to take it (much to the annoyance of my oncologist, who couldn’t see why I was worried…)  Anyway, I also had pre-existing arthritis, and my DEXA also showed osteopenia, so I am also now taking alendronic acid.


I am very stiff in my joints, especially first thing, or after sitting for a period of time.  I do find that this eases if I go to the gym and go on the bike there.  I also have hot flushes, much worse than when I went through the menopause.  I have bought some sage supplements, which the oncologist said were fine to take with my medication.  I haven’t started, because I have just moved taking my letrozole from mornings to evenings, and I want that to settle first, so I can’t report on any benefits or otherwise.  I replied to your other thread about insomnia - but yes!  I don’t think I am more emotional, but I am very forgetful and my hair is much more dry and brittle now, and  spend much time and money on trying to keep it in as good a state as possible.  I haven’t noticed a cough, but that might be that I haven’t paid attention to it!  I do feel fatigued for a lot of the time, which I do attribute to the letrozole - just weary and lethargic, although this time of year doesn’t help with that, does it?


I don’t know if any of that ramble is of any help to you, but you are not alone…  xx

Hi Venice,

Like you, I have a nightmare taking letrozole.

I have been it for 5 months now and for 2 weeks I have on and off headaches, diarrhea, and dry/burning throat. 

Hi I e. Even on Letrozole since I was diagnosed with a 4cm lump in my right breast and yes I feel very emotional, mood swings, and can’t stop crying at the most silly things, my hair has not thinned out, my skin changed a bit, I put weight on … major ouch, night sweats and the hot flushes, constipation, I’ve even now have bladder problems so yes not nice side effects take care we all have a long way to yet.