Letrozole: upset tum

Hi there,

I’ve been on Letrozole (in combination with Zoladex) since the beginning of February. The hot flushes are manageable and I had a bit of nausea initially, which settled when I switched to taking the Letrozle last thing at night.

I have an upset tum (loose stools) with it. I’ve been taking probiotics and reduced the probiotics to 1 twice a day.

Had anyone else had the same issue with digestive upset on this tablet?

I don’t want to complain because the treatment is working well, and the side effects are minimal compared to cytotoxic chemo!

How do/did you manage?

I am going to bump another thread up for you called ‘Letrozole side effects’ hopefully this will help you!!

Thanks for that, Sandra.

I’ve been drinking a cup of Redbush tea each day, and things seem to be better.

Having read into the Redbush (Rooibos) tea subject for scientific studies, it seems it has phytoestrogenic activity.
I’d better go easy on it until further studies are done.
It might protect against hormone dependent disease, but on the other hand it might interact with the drugs I’m on.

Hello Puddleduck

I have just read your post re Redbush, I have drunk Redbush for a long time and have at least 4 cups a day, I have also been on Letrozole for 2 years, so I was a bit worried about your last post. The only problems I am having is a very dry mouth. How many cups do you have a day?



I asked my onc specifically about phyto-oestrogens as I am vegetarian and eat lots of soy and tofu.

He said that plant oestrogens were safe and would have no effect whatsoever on drugs or a tumour.

Hope that helps.

That’s reassuring for me too, thank you Beenie.
I’m vegetarian too and somewhat lactose intolerant so use soya milk etc. I started Letrozole about 4-5 weeks ago and started having really bad attacks of nausea, but touch wood has been a bit better for the last week. No one has suggested taking calcium supplements or anything, so don’t know if I should.
I have started getting joint pains though, both hips and knees waking me up in the middle of the night and making it difficult to get back to sleep again.
The leaflets say it passes… I do hope so.

Thanks to all I started Letrozole 9 weeks ago and I thought the nausia had just carried pn from the chemo I will try taking it last thing.

Just seen this thread, potty you MUST ask for calcium suppliments, they are needed whilst taking letrozole. A friend of mine was like you and didnt take calcium, she has osteoperosis now and her new onc said it was so wrong that she was not prescribed the calcium.

Good Luck, personally I dont like the letrozole, 5 yrs of tamoxifen was so much easier.


Hi Letrozole Takers

I don’t have any nausea since I started taking Letrozole - started on the 31st of May- but I have found it very constipating. Has anybody else found this? I take it in the evening with my other PM meds.
I have been taking Calcium and Vitamin D3 for several years - diagnosed with osteopenia - and was told that I must keep taking them both while I am on Letrozole.
Re joint pains -as I have Rh Arthritis I can’t tell which causes the aches and pains- Rh A or the Letrozole.
All the best to fellow ingesters.