Hi everyone,

I,m new here, been diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2007. Stage 3 HER2 positive, had Chemotherapy 6 rounds, 15 Herceptin 28 rounds of radio, double mastectomy and full hysterectomy, on letrozole since 2009. I was wondering if anyone else with the same history and still on letrozole? 

Thanks, Ella

Hi Ella, I don’t have the same history as you so I hope you don’t mind my replying. My main reason for doing so is to ask your experiences of letrozle as I am shortly being prescribed that particular AI. Doubtless you know that some people experience very bad side effects and there aren’t so many posts from people who have few, or no side effects. Possibly because it’s those who’re struggling who visit discussion forums whilst others, who are getting on ok (which is totally fabulous for them of course) don’t feel the need.

I may be mistaken but as you’ve been taking letrozole for so long I’d ‘assumed’ you have tolerated it well - is that the case? Maybe you could give us a positive take on the drug.

take care and keep well. Sharon