Hi all,

I have been on Letrozole now for three years the first 2 years had a few symptoms.

Now it seems I have every side effect my skin being so dry and sore on my face is a real problem as I cant have any hormone cream. 

my marriage is now on the line as the lack of sex drive ,vaginal dryness pain when we have sex ,mood swings are awful, lack of self worth  problems with concentration and dry sore skin on my face . Everything was fabulous with us then the big C knocked on the door. My Husband was wonderful with support with every step with my treatments I would not be here without him him .

The lack of sex over the last year sometimes once a week but he just cant understand why I don’t want sex a lot more, I’ve been accused of having sex with someone else because that must be the answer!!! I was so hurt that he could think like that . 

I tried to explain how I have been affected he seems to understand  but then it kicks off I’m not doing this on purpose .Sometimes I think I’m going mad one minute happy ,the next the world comes crashing down. Concentration or memory is awful . 

I ask all guys to read up about the side effects of Hormone therapy , No treatment for Cancer is kind ,but you get through it. The side effects may be awful everyone is different and will have different side effects  .Anyone having the same reaction to Hormone treatment I would love to hear from you.

Love to everyone 

I’m not having a great time at the moment with letrozole. I have to wee every few minutes and it hurts a lot. I have been taking it for a mere 6 months. I am 67 so I don’t have a lot of oestrogen left, but it is easier to have sex with a lot of vaginal moisturiser e.g. Hyalofemme and use of a vaginal lubricant e.g. lubido available from Amazon. I should talk to your GP and see if you could get something on prescription, or your breast cancer team. 

I went to the docs today to give in a urine sample and I am sitting here with a hot water bottle on my tum so I can at least feel your pain.


Psychological desire does play into a sex drive but for most women estrogen plays a vital part. With no estrogen there can be very little desire. I’m like that. I’m pretty content without it. My husband isn’t so we compromise and it’s usually once a week or so. It helps my vaginal walls stay supple and soft anyway so I figure it’s good for me. But he understands not to expect much out of  me in regards to enthusiastic participation. Just don’t care enough and I don’t care enough even to work on that :slightly_smiling_face: I think maybe your husband needs to be thoroughly educated on the role of estrogen in a woman’s body. When it’s not there, sexual desire changes for most women and that’s completely normal and to be expected. Now if you can come to an agreement over how much sex is expected there are things to do to make it more comfortable. Non hormonal vaginal lubrication can work wonders. Also, just in general non hormonal vaginal cream can help things stay tidy and healthy in between. If you need suggestions on what to use I’ll be glad to help out but education is key because breast cancer changes everything.

Letrozole isn’t great for sex but I don’t think husbands quite understand how sex is governed by our hormones particularly oestrogen for us, and if we don’t have oestrogen it really does mess with our bodies.

In recent years, many women near menopause or post menopausal have been encouraged take hormone replacement therapy to alleviate hot flushes, memory loss, and sexual problems.

Unfortunately anyone with oestrogen positive breast cancer is told they must not have HRT as it could cause  this kind of breast cancer to grow and spread to other parts of the body. 

One day I decided that I wanted to have sexual pleasure for myself, not to please anyone else. I expect to be an equal partner with my husband, I am not performing for him. I want to enjoy sex for me. It makes me feel good. That’s why I am exploring ways of having enjoyable sexual contact despite lack of oestrogen. There must be more to it as I have found I can achieve this, but not by being bullied by anyone else, husband or other.

If he can’t see this, I can recommend masturbation with a lubricant. Explore your body and forget penetration at this stage. Maybe your husband could do the same.