I have just had today my 6 month check up after breast surgery to remove very small tumor I was lucky they caught it very early stages.  I was giving all clear and put on Letrozole… I have been taken this since Dec 14 and  side effects of aching joints and feeling tired.  I told my surgeon what was going on and he turned around and said that because of the size of my tumor and my age (52) the results that they have show that 95% of women are still clear 10plus years later without taken the Letrozole and that if I wanted to to come off them I could. I’m just wondering what you think?, Im sitting here looking at the tablets thinking do I really need you and the the side effects or am I taking a chance of the dam thing returning if I dont. I will be monitered every year and   6 monthly checkups but he seemed confident for me to come off them. 


Any comments would be helpful x

I’ve been having the same thoughts about taking Tamoxifen for the next 5 years, mine was grade 1 Tubular and just 4 mm off cells found and no node involvement, I’ve been told I’ve got a 95% chance of no recurrence regardless of taking the tablets and having radiotherapy both of which I’m doing at the minute but it does make you wonder about it all , I’m almost 47 so maybe due to my age they are taking every precaution but to be honest I don’t really asked enough questions , I don’t want to hear the answers most do the time! Xx