Dear Glo and I’m sorry I cannot remember the other lady who replied to my previous thread re Letrozole

and I cannot seem to find it.  Thank you both for replying and you were both very helpful. You have

given me more of an insight of the thought of thinks to ask my onc and a reassurance that I am getting

the right treatment at the moment.  I was wondering whether to get a second opinion but I also felt

that if I did who would I believe had the right answer.  All this is very confusing but having other ladies

to ask who ha ve been in a similar position helps.  Thank you both so much.

M xx

Hi Bluebell.  I was one of yhe ladies who responded to your previous thread.


letrozole has worked well for me, and it is the only treatment that I have had since Dx in Nov 2012, so over three years now.  Some of my mets are no longet showing and others have reduced or stayed stable which is brilliant for me.


i do understand your anxiety about whether you are getting the right treatment.   I have questioned my onc and I am sure that there was times when he’d rather I didn’t but I do believe now that he is doing the right things for me.  


I saw him today and because my response has been so good he has decided to stop the Zometa infusions which I have been having since dx.   That seems a little scary to me, but I will still see him every three months so I am sure that he will keep an eye on things


as you say having others on these forums to ask helps a lot, so keep on asking…