Feeling overwhelmed. Have been taking femara for over 2 years. Insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, joint pain in hands, and now severe lower spine and hip pain. Loosing weight by regular exercising but the joint pain is overwhelming. Started taking Tumeric and going to a chiropractor. Can’t believe how many women have the same struggles with this drug. This is heart wrenching to make a decision of stopping the medication - knowing that this increases your chances of recurring breast cancer. As a nurse, I know he ramnificarions but the quality of your life is so affected on this drug. I often wonder how this MED received FDA approval.

hi Susank

sorry to hear this, have you spoken to your Gp or consultant about this. 2 years is a long time of misery, we woomen do put up with alot you know! I’ve read that some women change their medication, or reduce the 2.5mg tablet. I’ve also read that it is a harsh drug not only for the side effects but also for how it stops oestrogen twice as much as tamoxifen, so more effective than tamoxifen.

I’m week two of taking it and already left leg, shin and knee are affected with pain and stiffness. Having to take painkillers to manage. I’ve had many sport injuries, vit d deficiency so aware of my pain thresholds, seems to be quite severe already and scary:(

I am almost 60, have wondered how I’m expected to take this for a decade without a serious loss of quality of life? I’m going to consider reducing the drug somehow,

Any thoughts from others appreciated on the thread,

hugs and keep on trucking!

I have been taking letrozole for over 2 years and just accept the side effects as part of my treatment But this week I got a tummy bug and could only keep sips of water down so missed my letrozole for 3 days …well no back ache or other pain until I started back again.
Unfortunately I have secondary bone mets and need this little pill to keep control of things but thinking now the letrozole is causing more pain than the actual mets are !!

Hi Susank

Sorry to hear the MED has affected you in this way. I’ve been taking Letrozole for 4 wks now and apart from a few spots which I haven’t had since my teenage years (I’m 52) I haven’t experienced any SE. I do have back pain but have had this for years and so far it isn’t any worst. I appreciate I still have a long way to go and am grateful to everyone who has posted about Letrozole and it’s SE which will help me to cope with any SE.


Sending best wishes to all  xx

Hello everyone. I had a mastectomy on January 30 th and have recovered well. I had a large amount of dcis They found 2 tiny tumours which were tested. fortunately I only need to be on letrozole. I started  it last Thursday. It’s early days yet and I haven’t had any side effects. It’s very interesting and helpful to note all your comments. Thanks a lot, I’ve found this website excellent, helping me through my journey. Very best wishes to you all. Xx

Hi everyone, I have just joined this group and find all your comments very handy, it’s interesting seeing how everyone seems to suffer differently with different brands of lexarole.
I have taken two brands accord and Cipla, I’m currently back on accord,but I seem to be struggling with feeling insecure and emotions, to the point I just break down and feel so angry, has anyone else suffered like this ? My breast nurse has said I need to give each brand a month to see how I feel, I just hate feeling like I am at the moment, any comments would be greatly appreciated
Thank you ?

Hello Jayne ,welcome to the forum .I didn’t end up taking Letrozole so can’t comment but certainly found different brands of Tamoxifen affected me differently so it is wort experimenting .The emotional side effects are very hard to deal with hope you find a brand that suits you soon.Jill x

Hello Ive been taking Letrozole for several months after problems with Exemestane and another inhibitor that I cant remember.  I have been very fatigued to point my Oncologist order blood work, fortunately all is ok-a little low WBC but he indicates not a concern.  Also experiencing foot and ankle, hip and back pain but have basically ignored all, Im in early 60’s and a rehab therapist demanding a lot from my body when I treat my patients.

He didn’t even mention it could be the medication.  What is the name of the tumeric paste, I would like to try that.  I work with a Natural path associated with a Cancer hospital in Seattle Wa, she has had me on "My community (mushrooms) for fatique-Ive been on that during my 1 year of chemo 4/14/-4/15 till present

All the best to all



Hi everyone,


i see that there has been no comments on this thread for a few months now.  So hope someone will spot this.

i have been on Letrozole now for just over a year…first diagnosed in October ‘16,  (am now 60), and have had 2 surgeries, chemo and radio.  For the most part I have coped ok with the se’s which for me, include leg aches  (muscular) and joint pains.  My question now is…it seems one sided.  Sounds odd I know, but the leg aches are primarily on the left side.  I do have them on the right, and in my hands too, but it just seems odd that the left side aches more!

anyone else feeling onesided?



I’d not really thought about it, but yes, definitely get more bone pain on the left… In my forearm and foot. No idea why! I am left handed??
Sue xx

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed 6 weeks ago and had lumpectomy 4 weeks ago. No node removal as all clear. 3 weeks Radiotherapy in January.
have found this thread very useful. I am only on my second week of Letrozole. Cipla. Had a UTI after week 1 but cleared up quickly after 3 days of antibiotics. No joint pain so far. I am taking Vit D supplement and a daily low dose of aspirin 75mg. So far no pain. Some numbness in my hands in the morning but I have had that for a while due to carpal tunnel. More flushes than usual. I am interested to know if any of you ladies take any supplements with the Letrozole and also if you are havimg Bisphosphonates which I have been offered. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks

Hi S,

I know your post was posted a year ago so I’m hoping you’re still on here.

I just wanted to know if you decided to stop the Letrozole or are still taking it? If you did how do you now feel? I’ve been taking it for 4 months now and with the side effects it is giving me I don’t know whether I can continue.