Tried posting this earlier but ended up with 2015 posting date.  So here I go again.

I am gaining so much weight taking letrozole and no signs of stopping.  15 lbs in 1 1/2 years.  Joined yoga 2 times per week but hand and foot pain makes walking etc hard.  Any ideas?



Hi Gpenny

Sorry to hear your’re experiencing side effects from letrozole. Hopefully other Forum users will reply with tips and suggestions. If you’d like to talk things through with one of our breast cancer specialists, please phone our free Helpline on 0808 800 6000. We’re open until 1pm today, and Monday to Friday 9am-4pm.

Best wishes


Sorry to hear you are having problems with Letrozole. I took 1g of glucosamine before I was diagnosed with BC for joint pain and carried on taking it when I started the Letrozole just under 12 months ago. I have increased the dose to 1.5g which keeps the aches and pains away so I am able to exercise and have been lucky not to put on weight.

It does seems to depend which brand you use as to how effective it is, as I am allergic to crustaceans so use the vegetarian variety. I usually get them from Boots which are only 500mg per tablet,  but as I had increased the dose I tried the ones from Holland & Barrett which for me didn’t seem to work. I took them for about a week before I woke up one morning and could hardly move I was in so much pain in all my joints, switched back to Boots brand and after taking them for about  5 days was back to normal.

If you do decide to give them a try check with your GP first as they can interact with some medicines.




Exact same issues. Weight gain and side effects are taking a toll on me emotionally!!

I have a follow up appointment late this month. I plan to have a very long discussion with her. I’ll let you know how it goes.?