I have been on Letrozole for 3 weeks. I have severe dry, cracked, peeling lips. It is very painful. Anyone else have this problem?


I have been on Letrozole for over a year and my lips are definitely dryer. I use a lip balm on my lips before I go to bed at night and it definitely helps.  

Good luck with your treatment.


Hello redeemed36345

I’m sorry to hear you’re having painful lips.

I’ve now been taking Letrozole for just  over 6 months and feel I have been quite lucky  to avoid major side effects so far .However, the one  thing I noticed fairly quickly after I started taking it was I had very dry lips.

I use a lot of lip salve-I always did in winter- but now make sure I apply it several times a day.I use  Vaseline  Lip Therapy and Burts Bees overnight lip treatment at night, and they seem to  help .

The other side effect I had (which I honestly haven’t noticed) was my dentist commented that I had quite a dry mouth.Just in case the two go hand in hand, it might be worth mentioning to your dentist next time you have  a check up that you are now taking Letrozole. Mine gave me special toothpaste on prescription with extra fluoride.

I hope  it improves and good luck with your treatment   


Have you tried changing Letrozole brands?

I wonder if that would help? I know lots of ladies on this site have to try a few before they find the best one for them. The one with the most side effects seems to be Teva? I have the Accord brand, recommended by my local Boots chemist after I told him I did not want Teva. Different pharmacies stock different Letrozole but the larger chemist chains have more access to supplies. 

Hope this helps. 

Angel Eyes x

I’ve noticed everything is dry using letrozole: nails, hair, skin. I go through vats of body cream/lotion. I’ve used lip balm for years and years. In the winter, I can go through a tube in less than a week. Use a good brand (Burts Bees, Avon, Carmex medicated) and apply often. I mean really often like 2-3 times an hour. I probably use it 20-30 times a day.  I’d be lost without lip balm.