Let's meet up at...


I’m starting this thread so we can post where we’re being treated. Then if anyone wants to meet up during treatment, they will be able to see who else will be at the same place and time. I’ve finished rads now, but hope this will be useful for others in the future.

Good luck to everyone else on this journey

Love, Rose xx

Hi Great idea anyone at St Thomas 's in London having treatment from Mid May ley me know. Sarah

I’m expecting to start on Weds 29th April at Weston park Sheffield.

Hopefully get times at my planning session on Monday 20th.

I  am at Queens romford essex. Anyone for coffee xxxxxx

Hi Pandorra,  I was wondering where you’d got to (assumed you’d found a James Bond lookalike and run off with him)!


I think we have a new-ish member called Hawkeye on the April Showers thread who goes to Queens in Romford too :smileyhappy:



Hi I’m attending Kent & Canterbury hospital until 1 May xx

Hi Pandorra, lovely to hear from you but it sounds as if fatigue has kicked in now.  I’ve been very glad not to have been at work throughout the radiotherapy as I found it quite tiring so you must be shattered with doing it and working at the same time.  Still, you’re halfway through now so not too much longer to go :smiley:


My radiotherapy bods said they’d make an appointment for me to see the Radiation Oncologist in 4-6 weeks time so he can check that I’ve healed OK.  I think the idea is that the appointment after that will be with the surgeon so he can check that everything is going as it should and they sort of alternate.  The surgeon did tell me all this when he was giving me my results but I was too stressed to take it all in so I can’t remember how often the follow up appointments happen, just that they alternate between surgeon/radiation guy.


Glad you’ve hooked up with Hawkeye, hope you get to meet each other

Take care




8 more to go at Weston Park, hoorayyyyyy

Hi Hawkeye, shame we are missing one another. Tomorrow I am 2.40 and friday 11.30 wwhich I changed from my usual pm appts. Number 11 today and so far ok. 4 to go. I  usually go in no.4 but today no.2 and what a difference in staff. No.4 have been so lovely, but today in no.2 they were so glum. Oh well, we all get off days. Be good if we could meet up, let me know. Hope all going well for you. Lol xxx

Tomorrow 11.30 so you never know we may meet. I  will be there a little earlier so will look out for you. I  am blonde, shoulder length hair, but thinking about it so have many people. Anyway, I was back on my no 4 and love the girls, they always chat. So, maybe tomorrow, in the meantime hope all going good. Xxxx