Letter has completely knocked me back

Hi all

Just in need of a little support. Was just beginning to cope with all this anxiety waiting for biopsy results and treatment plan and able to focus on other things more and more. Then yesterday- which started as my best day so far! - received a copy of letter from the radiologist to the breast surgeon, detailing all that had been done and found. Was not expecting this! Thought it was letter confirming my appointment. Although the letter didn’t tell me anything I hadn’t already discussed with the radiologist seeing it written down just floored me somewhat. Has anyone else had a similar experience? 
Think I just needed to come on here to chat and get a bit of back up!! 

I so understand this.  I opened a letter I thought was full of leaflets my breast care nurse was going to send me only to find an appointment for a CT scan - which I knew I would get but not yet. It floored me completely and I sobbed in a corner trying to tell myself not to be so stupid about something I already knew.  We walk a fine line of getting through this and it doesn’t take much to push us off track. But we climb back and keep going. Hang in there.

Hi grannyp

You’ll find you receive a copy of each letter sent to your GP and it will spell out the precise details of your diagnosis each time, followed by whatever new information there is (not always quite what you said, maybe, but generally a sound summary).

Personally, I chose not to read them. As you say, it doesn’t say anything you were not told at the time BUT the language they use is brutal and seeing all the codes (especially if you decode them) is downright scary. Some people need to know precise details to feel in control. Some people choose to blank it out - after all, there’s not a great deal you can do about it except deal with your personal levels of fear. I waited until I’d finished my treatment and then asked my breast care nurse to talk me through it all, which she did brilliantly.

One thing I have noticed at my hospital over the 2 years is the amount of copying and pasting so I’m not sure quite how accurate the information is anyway. According to the latest letter following a phone consultation, it STILL said ‘Bone scan recommended.’ Yes, I had that 20 months ago!!

You will soon get used to how the system operates. The trick is learning how to minimise its impact on you. I can strongly recommend the Ostrich Approach  

Wishing you all the best for what follows,

Jan x