LGFB Workshops

Hi ladies, has anyone been to a look good, feel better workshop? If yes what’s like?

I would highly recommend it. It was a really good morning, I met other ladies going through the same thing and it was great to have someone show me exactly how to put my make up on and disguise the fact that I have no eyelashes or brows! You get given everything you use on the day and my bag included loads of Clinique, este Lauder and channel stuff. I would get yourself booked on xx

Yes definitely recommend it. I went before my first chemo and there were ladies at all stages of treatment including some who had finished months before. Go and Enjoy x

I did mine on a good week during chemo, 2 yrs ago. It was fab. About 12 ladies round a table, with about 6 beauticians to help/advise… lots of goodies (though mine weren’t as good as JLr) I still had everything I needed, and it really helped to put eyebrows back in - made such a difference! Helped me feel better, because I looked better…
Lots of ladies were post treatment. After a while, I pulled my wig off (cause I felt safe) and 3 others said “so glad you did that” and did the same!

I’d definitely advise it. Round us, there’s quite a waiting list… Enjoy


I would recommend LGFB session. I managed to get a place at the McM centre where I was having rads and went one afternoon after rads. The goodie bag was brilliant. All the products are full size and I had learned how to use them too. There were ladies at all stages of treatment for various cancers.There had been quite a waiting list. Go and enjoy x