Libido loss

Does anyone have any tips for boosting libido when using hormone therapy. My onco won’t give me oestrogen gel or cream because i have mets in pelvis and obviously as my bc is er8 and pr8 they can’t give me hrt. The data regarding testosterone gels is highly conflicted in regard to bc although i have found a study that combines testosterone pellets subcutaneously with an AI (anastrozole) for promising results including a possible reduction in bc recurrence rates. I know im rambling a little, but im only 47 and up until starting the leuprorelin and letrozole in january had a healthy sex drive that i miss. Yes, cuddles are great but sometimes i just want to WANT my partner. Anyhoo any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Btw I’m using Balance Activ moisturising pessaries to keep the tissues nice and moist.

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Hello @LexiDreadful

See if you are allowed lady prelox
Its classed as the female viagara.

Good luck and I will be interested in what others have to say too as this is an issue for me too.

Huge issue. I’ve gone from great sex life to zero. Would love to see a proper discussion about what we sacrifice in order to stay alive.
Vaginal atrophy caused by medical induced menopause is horrific. I was offered non-oestrogen lubricant and then told it was my problem when it failed to help.
My partner struggling with what our relationship has become - he’s supported me through treatment, emotionally and physically , but there is no help. I think the post cancer support is shockingly poor.
I’d like to see a grown up conversation, not just an offer of useless pesseries!