LICAP surgery


Have recently been diagnosed with DCIS. It’s been a bit of a shock and I feel that I am on a very fast rollercoaster having to make serious decision very quickly. Diagnosis in  the second week of November, op second week of December! 

I was originally told I would have a lumpectomy and radiotherapy but a second radiographer opinion is now saying the Dcis is too widespread and as I have small breasts a large lumpectomy would take a lot and look bad, so the surgeon is suggesting taking the top left quarter of my left breast and performing breast reconstruction surgery known as LICAP. It seems the choice is between a disfigured breast or a large scar under my arm and onto my back.  I have a choice to have this partial reconstruction or not but have to make a decision soon. Has anyone else had this same decision to make? Would love to hear from anyone who has had LICAP and anyone who has opted to not have the reconstruction. Would welcome any advice! 

Hi, I had a lumpectomy back in March. I was diagnosed with DCIS and had a very large lump in a very small breast. There was some discussion about mastectomy because of the size of the tumor and because I needed a major duct excision as well. In the end I had the lumpectomy. My lump was just to the side of my nipple on the outer half of my breast. In the end, they removed all of the breast tissue to the left of my nipple, plus some from behind my nipple and a pizza slice of skin that was over the lump. I’m now coming up on 9 months post surgery and my breast doesn’t look too bad at all. It is noticeably smaller (and higher) than the other breast but it is still breast shaped and I haven’t lost much sensation. (Bear in mind though: I didn’t have radiotherapy and that can change/shrink the breast too)


I decided not to have reconstruction because I really couldn’t face more surgery and I didn’t want to risk losing any more sensation in the breast and/or nipple, plus, I didn’t want to deal with more scars. Instead I opted for a partial breast prosthesis which I was fitted for today.


Overall, it’s been tough emotionally but I think in the long run I’ll adjust. 


I’m not familiar with LIPAC reconstruction, is it similar to Diep? I definitely think it’s worth having a long chat with your team about what they think your breast will look like with and without reconstruction. And also, what you can expect in the way of sensation loss and any other risks.


I’m so sorry you find yourself in this position. It’s hellish isn’t it. The diagnosis is a shock and then you’re on this crazy rollercoaster where you’re having to make impossible decisions about things you can barely get your head around, and all of it at a break neck speed. I really do wish you well. If I can help at all, you’re welcome to PM me and I can try to answer any questions based on my own experience.


Naid xx



Hi Sailorgirl, 

I hope you don’t mind me getting touch. I am trying to decide whether to have licap or just lumpectomy. 
I have very small breasts and will have radiotherapy afterwards but the team don’t seem to be able to give me much idea about how the lumpectomy will look afterwards. 
the lump to be removed was 3cm plus extra for margins and it was right on the outer edge of my left breast. 
I’m terrified of waking up with half a breast after a lumpectomy and that it’ll be ages before I could have reconstruction because of coronavirus. But if it ended up not looking not too bad I’d be happy to just leave it and wear a prosthesis I think. 
Id also hate to have the licap and then after radiotherapy it looked rubbish and they can’t fix it cos my skin is so fragile. 

There just seems to be so many unknowns so it’s so hard to decide. 

Would you mind sharing your experience? X

What did you end up doing? How did it go?