Licap with fat graft surgery


my name is Katy and I’m new on here!

im really struggling to decide on what surgery to have.

I have hormone positive her2 positive breast cancer and I’ve 2 rounds of chemo left with 7 completed yay! I’ve done 6 rounds of the nasty ones and the last 3 are injections, which I’m finding much more manageable! Thankfully! 
I have surgery booked for early November and saw the surgeon who gave me lots of different options. (Mind blown!) 

I also have dcis cells so a mastectomy is the best option and my surgeon who apparently is amazing :slightly_smiling_face: has recommended I have a Licap with fat graft from my thighs as I have small boobs but I can’t seem to find hardly any info about this or anyone that’s had this procedure done, so was hoping someone on hear might be able to help at all? 
I’ve just turned 38 and had got my head around just having a mastectomy and being flat but now I have the top surgeon as it got changed in our area who has recommended this.

I would be grateful if anyone has any experience at all with this or either procedure please.

many thanks Katy x

Welcome Katy .You could post about this in the surgery section of the forum too , hopefully people will have useful experiences to share . Best of luck whatever you decide .