Licap with fat graft surgery


my name is Katy and I’m new on here!

im really struggling to decide on what surgery to have.

I have hormone positive her2 positive breast cancer and I’ve 2 rounds of chemo left with 7 completed yay! I’ve done 6 rounds of the nasty ones and the last 3 are injections, which I’m finding much more manageable! Thankfully! 
I have surgery booked for early November and saw the surgeon who gave me lots of different options. (Mind blown!) 

I also have dcis cells so a mastectomy is the best option and my surgeon who apparently is amazing :slightly_smiling_face: has recommended I have a Licap with fat graft from my thighs as I have small boobs but I can’t seem to find hardly any info about this or anyone that’s had this procedure done, so was hoping someone on hear might be able to help at all? 
I’ve just turned 38 and had got my head around just having a mastectomy and being flat but now I have the top surgeon as it got changed in our area who has recommended this.

I would be grateful if anyone has any experience at all with this or either procedure please.

many thanks Katy x

I tried googling breast cancer reconstruction and found one site

But there are probably more than this, breast reconstruction seems to be booming if not boobing. but not all the surgery results are that good. There will be a spectrum. I noticed some of the people had bad results and had several operations before the best outcome. So maybe shop around and don’t expect to get a perfect result the first time. i would rather have less surgery than more so may settle for something that looks ok in a bra but maybe not if you want to go topless on the beach. 


Hi Katy

I also have surgery around early November and I have been offered a chest wall perforator flap reconstruction , the surgeon and breast nurse just said it’s my choice and it’s up to me

Part of me thought I would just have lumpectomy and be done with it, I also have small breasts and worried that radiotherapy could shrink the breast and I won’t be happy with the result I’ve tried to Google my procedure but can’t find much information, I didn’t think about asking to see photos of the surgeons work and it wasn’t offered either 

Its a big decision to make isn’t it? Hopefully somebody who has experience of your type will be able to give advice 

Best wishes x 

Hi Katy 

Not too sure about the procedure youre speaking of but I spoke to my consultant and part of our conversation was around my options and at present it is remove cancer and proceed to radiotherapy.

I did touch on the implications if more cancer is found & that I dont want to be going round the houses Id just rather have another mastectomy (already had one ) and be done although I realised Id used up all the tissue from my stomach …the reply comment was " we dont do that method anymore we use the thigh " .

So Im thinking this Licap may be a new procedure, I would ask how many of these has he/she performed & what are the pros that has made him/her think this is the best option for you . Also he/she should have some photos for you to see.

You can always phone your BC nurse & see if she can get some info for you.

Is there another option that you feel youd like to explore because you can ask for that option to be discussed again.

The breast care nurses on this site may be able to confirm if the LICAP is new…

Hope you get clarity, good luck xx