Hi all you ladies out there there is a life after breast cancer I was diagnosed last November and just moved house the same week it was very difficult and strange. I moved back to Scotland after living inBirmingham for 28 years. The same wek I found the lump and had a mastecomy and Lymph node clearance all done in 2 weeks. I also had 8 sessions of chemo and now I am sitting here to tell the tale. I finished all the chemo 8 weeks ago and yes I was tired and fed up but now I am rareing to go. I went for a interview last monday and I just got a call to-day I got the job this is the 3rd job I have been offered in 3 weeks but I am taking this one. I just cant wait to get back to normal living again. I am a very positive person I wont be sitting around waiting for BC to come back I know some people on here will think I am a very smug person but believe me I am not I have had loads of backing from my family and they have gave me this positve attitute. I do hope some of you lovely ladies will feel the same as I do one day Love TO you All Linda xxx

Hi Linda

What a great post to send out. It is great that you are living your life again, and not sitting waiting and expecting any recurrences. Congratulations on the job offers too, must be very satisfying to be offered 3 jobs in 3 weeks - go girl!!! And you are not smug - it is great to share news like this, and to let the rest of us know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Take care and go enjoy your life.

Hi Dawn I am so glad to hear from you I havent been on for a while as I have been so busy I am so pleased with this job its quite a high tec job its making silicone wafers for telephones and computers. Its not far from where I live and the money is fantastic. It is 4 days on and 4 days off so that will suit me great. Anyway enough about me how you been doing hope the treatment isnt to bad for you It must be a lot harder having the kids to look after especially your little boy as he is so young. I know by reading your posts you are one great lady. I do hope it all goes well for you.I had a letter yesterday from the hospital asking me to a day in October for whole day to speak to all sorts of people its a thing called life after breast cancer.You can ask anything you want about treatment and speak to your Onc about anything.I dont think I will be going as I will be working but I think its a good thing for people who are finding it hard and I know there are some people who do.I THINK i told you before I joined scottish slimmers 3 weeks ago and have lost 10lbs as I put a stone on during treatment all them meals I went out for and chocolate I ate. My hair is all back its come back ash blonde its quite nice I do have to take Arimadex for 5 years but I will take them willingly to keep me alive. Its a small price to pay I hope in a few months time you will be telling me the same and you will come here to see your family.You are one lady who will always stick in my mind as you are such a fighter I cant wait to meet you. We will have lunch (my treat) I will take you to a lovely place near where your in-laws live. I would also like to say to you that your postings are always so interesting its a pleasure to read them and going by the rest of the people on here they feel the same you are such an asset to this site. You Take Care Love Linda xxxx Sophie xxxxx Jack xxxxx and Hubby xxxx

Hi Linda

Glad you are enjoying your job and getting normality back. That must just be sooo nice. Treatment for me going ok, last FEC 10 days ago and next one is on the 10th Oct, when I start taxotere. Just got letter for ultrasound next Thursday to see how lumps in boobs doing and whether shrinking. Am s******g myself about it, in case no shrinkage or grown. But trying to stay positive. Have actually had a bad week after last Wednesdays chemo, as went on a downer and bit depressed and emotional. Think where Sophie is back at preschool and gotta be there every morning now for 9am, I didn’t really rest on the two days straight after and it caught up with me. And I have now decided that about 3 days after chemo I get all emotional and silly too!!!

Wow, you are doing well on the weight loss too - I am putting on a little weight, but think said before not too bad a thing for me, as only little. But my “jelly belly” from pregnancy is getting more jellyish!!! You really sound like you are doing well, hair back, job, losing weight etc. Go girl …

Yeah I reckon anything you have to take is good, as long as keeps it all at bay, I will take anything, do anything, be operated on, whatever it costs to keep me here for as long as possible to see babies growing up and going through school etc. So bring it on …

Will definitely let you know when we are coming to Falkirk, as yet no plans obviously, but when we do, you will be the first to know. Would love to meet for lunch and put face to name etc. So watch this space.

Anyway, Grandad has finished cooking dinner, John is probably starting a fight with Sophie about bed, Jack already sleeping (ah bless him) and I am gonna go and watch tv with dinner.

Take care and please keep in touch

hello Dawn are you still on this site been a long time let me know Linda x