Life after chemo, surgery and rads

To give ladies during treatment hope I thought I’d give a little post of my life 5 months after chemo.
During treatment some days it was a challenge to get to the bathroom myself and if I could, I considered it a good day.  I thought life would never get back to normal, I thought I’d always look and feel ill and couldn’t ever imagine being able to return to work, fitness, happiness. …life!

I cried a lot for 6 months.

Anxiety and depression I thought would never leave me. Thought it was my ‘new normal’ !!

I felt guilty for putting my family through it, felt angry it happened to me at 37, felt scared I wouldn’t survive.


Life is returning to normal. I’m happy, ive returned to the ditsy and silly person I was before. I love life. Doing stuff I enjoy doing every day …because I’m happy I’m alive and because I can. I’m grateful for the treatment although I may not have been at the time! It’s given me my life back. Life doesn’t have to change for the worse … I thought it would!

I’m running again, walking, seeing friends, loving family, on a phased return to work and appreciating life that bit more.

Treatment can at times be hard, it can make you feel the worst you may have ever felt … but it’s worth it.

Accept help, use the support network you have, talk about your emotions, counselling, get in the fresh air when you feel able, don’t think life can’t be good again  … we all have treatment so we can live again and not exist.

Don’t give up no matter how bad you feel today. Remember the horrible times will pass, good can come again.

Keep believing.

Light really is at the end of the tunnel.

LIFE is at the end of the tunnel xxx

Hi Emma111,

Thank you for sharing your story and such words of encouragement. I am sure some of our users will be along to share their experiences and show their support soon. 

Best wishes,


Thank you for sharing your story Emma. This is wonderful to read. I was diagnosed one month ago and have since started chemo. Right now I feel as though I will never be the person I was before I was diagnosed. I can feel myself spiralling into a dark place… my life is just worry, anxiety and feelings of oh my goodness I have cancer. But thank you for your lovely post it gives me some hope xxxx

Hi my story started last March found a small lump on left breast and sure enough given the devestating news that is was cancer, I completely went into shock I could hear the nurse talking but did not take anything in I was so glad my husband listened to her every word, I couldn’t speak and my head was like central station on its busiest day, how would I cope was I dying how would I tell people it was awful but everything from there on happened so fast lumpectomy chemo and radiotherapy and it all finished in October 16 I returned to work in November and had my first mammogram in march this year which was all good, it was hard st times when I couldn’t sleep walked the floor many times in the middle of the night but I decided that if I was going to get through this awful time I had to be positive, now I try to think of all the things I want to do all the places I want to see , this site is so comforting and I realised that I was not alone many people felt the same, so let’s all help each other be positive and kick this disease on the bum ???