Life after DCIS

Hi everyone,

I’m new here!

Last month I received the devastating news that I had DCIS at only 32 yo. Initially this crushed me but I came to accept the fact that it’s not life-threatening and that pushed me onwards. 

Had a mastectomy and SLNB almost 2 weeks ago. I opted for this with no reconstruction as I just wanted the cancer gone with lowest chance of recurrence and an easy recovery. I have a small chest so I’m fine using a prosthetic in the future.

I must say that the recovery has been so much easier than I have anticipated so far. Feeling a little guilty for saying this too. Only felt nauseous day 3 post surgery but otherwise recovering well. Drain came out on day 9. I’m doing my stretches multiple times daily so I probably have 80-90% of my arm range of motion now. Scar is healing just fine as I have been given antibiotics for 2 weeks.

Received my report and everything is all clear. No further treatments needed.

Here’s a few things on my mind:

  1. The burning sensation on my arm/ underarm area.

I know this is nerve damage but how long did you experience this for?! I just hope this isn’t a permanent thing…

  1. Diet. 
    Did your diet change drastically after recovering from DCIS? I’m really conscious about what I am eating nowadays because I want to lower my risk of future cancers. Being diagnosed so young I know my risk is higher but so I’ll try to eat as healthily as I can and exercise more (which I did none of before I was diagnosed).

Thank you all and hope everyone is living a happy life! Radiating all my love and support to everyone out there! 


I had exactly the same diagnosis, surgery and outcome as you back in April 2020. And at the same age! 
I went to through reconstruction process as mine was delayed due to covid, finally got a date for last September but it got cancelled again due to covid! Decided to stay a uni boober and look at starting a family instead! Much nicer to look forward too! 
My arm and armpit took a while, it was probably the end of last year when it stopped aching. I found opening fire doors as work really hard! I saw a physio who said I had reduced muscle tone on that side and gave me extra exercises to do (this was over a year later though so don’t push yourself right now!) Just try and use that arm as much as possible even if it’s a bit uncomfortable. If you feel it’s not getting better speak to the BC nurse. 

Diet wise I have become healthier, I have a berry mixture and wheatabix for breakfast everyday, lots of fruit with lunch and lots of veg with tea. However, I still allow myself treats when I want them! Just aim to have a healthy balance and live  my best life. I don’t drink much alcohol, but can be tempted by a pretty cocktail. I started couch to 5k in aug 2020 and have managed to  keep the running up, it’s been amazing for my mental health and helping me feel healthy and strong and move forward. Since finding out I was lucky enough to fall pregnant I have also been going swimming which I can get for free! And generally enjoying getting out and walking  / generally keeping active!

Ive recently brought a new fake boob from We wear boost on Instagram! It was a bit expensive but it’s silicone and I can wear it for exercise and wash it after. It’s really lightweight and deffo more comfortable for the summer. 

It’s great you’re feeling so positive, but remember it’s also ok if in a few weeks the enormity of the last few months hits you (all the appointments, trauma etc.) Have a big cry, speak to the nurses on here and be super kind to yourself. I did this and felt a lot better after, like I had release a load of tension! Now I feel so incredibly lucky and proud of myself. If anything I feel more body confident and empowered by it at the moment! I’ve been going swimming without my fake boob and literally no one notices! :slightly_smiling_face:  

Hope this helps! 
Take care and be kind to you! Take all the time you need to recover. 

Becky x 


I am also new to the forum. I am 34 years old. I was recently diagnosed with DCIS STAGE 0. I had a right nipple sparing mastectomy plus reconstruction. I had my final surgery in August. I just started tamoxifen a few days ago. My oncologist recommended that I take tamoxifen for 5 years because the breast cancer type is hormone positive. 

I do find myself being conscious about what I eat. It can be a struggle sometimes, but I try my best. 

I feel extremely sleepy and tired on the medication. I’ve only been on the medication for a few days. 

My journey has been a difficult one. I found a lump from self examination back in December 2021. The doctor initially thought the lump was a fibroadenoma. After having an ultrasound the radiologist saw calcifications and he recommended a core needle biopsy. The pathology came out as atypical papilloma. My breast surgeon initially recommended a lumpectomy but something in my gut told me I should go with a mastectomy. After the surgery they biopsied the breast tissue and it came back positive for DCIS breast cancer. 

I am sending positive vibes. Hope all of you are doing well at the moment. I struggle at times but I am taking it in a day at a time.