Life insurance after diagnosis

I was wondering if anyone didn’t have life insurance before diagnosis and took some out afterwards? One of those things I never got round to doing and now wondering if it’s possible without paying a fortune.

Luckily I had life insurance before diagnosis . MacMillan have information and advice about money matters and insurance and a specific helpline - may be worth a look ?

It costs a fortune to do the insurance after discovering the disease. I suggest everyone having life insurance just for a disease, moreover, there are companies like offering reasonable options. I think people who work a dangerous job, have relatives with diseases which can be passed genetically or do extreme sports should have life insurance for sure. Otherwise they will have to pay the fortune for the insurance after discovering the disease or to pay cash for each operation and treatment, which is even worse. I know our country has one of the most expensive health industries, but it is still affordable if you prepare yourself for any scenario