Life Insurance after dx

Just wondering if anyone has had quotes or taken out life insurance since primary dx?

Ive been told that some will insure you after 2/3 years but that most want to wait 5 years.

But was wondering just how high the premiums will be? And will they always be high even after the 5 years?

Any ideas?

Hi lolly73,
Not sure how old you are, when i was DX aged 47 i contacted a few companies regarding Life Insurance and was also told that normaly there is a 5yr clear since DX wait, although there may be some out there which will insure you earlier but the premiums are quite high. However for me being 47 i was advised by one of the major insurance companies to wait untill i was in my 49year and then i could get the over 50s gaurenteed plan (no questions asked) and then my premiums would be the same as everyone else, so thats what i did. Of course if your much younger that wont help you, but for anyone nearing 50 thats the best option i think, i told them i had breast cancer but because its a gaurenteed over 50s plan it wasnt a problem.
Hopefully others will be able to advise you better, good luck

I did manage to get life insurance 2yrs after my dx.
it takes into account all my pre-existing conditions and all so pays out if a terminal dx is made.
The premiums are higher for first 5 yrs.
This is with Friends Provident.

Linda, thanks but im only 36.

Karen, have pm’d you, thanks

Hi karen

Just to let you know that Friends Provident wont insure me cos im on Tamoxifen, and therefore would have to wait the full 5 Years from dx.

I have found a company called The Insurance Surgery who will though, but very high premiums for the next 6 years (8 from dx!)!

thanks again

Hi Linda

You say you managed to get insurance cover with an over 50s plan, could I just ask are you covered against a secondary dx and also could you tell me which company you used please ?

Many thanks in advance
Sue x

HI Susie,
Have sent you a PM.
Linda x

Hi Linda - Thank you and have sent you a PM
Sue x