Life insurance for cancer patient

My close relative had life insurance through his work, but when he left his job the insurance went away.  


He is trying to find somewhere to get life insurance, but from everything I read you can’t get “regular” life insurance because of the cancer diagnosis. I have been trying to help him out by doing some web research on the topic and found sites like that are discussing the topic but I am still not sure how the whole process with a cancer patient differs from the healthy individuals. 


I also saw Colonial Penn’s insurance about no health questions, so I looked that up. Apparently, you have a 2 year waiting period. We would all love to say he is going to be here in 2 years, but we all know that there are no guarantees with cancer patients.


I wonder what happens with your premiums if he dies within the two years? Does anyone have any other resources that offer life insurance of cancer patients?

Hi amazinga,
Sorry i dont know the answer to this post, but you may wish to try reposting in the section Living with cancer, and the subsection work finance and travel.
Hope you gwt some claification,
LL xx