Life Insurance for Women who have had Breast Cancer

Do you feel that women who have had breast cancer are penalised by Life Insurance companies? I had breast cancer 15 years ago, the tumour was successfully removed, along with 5/24 lymph nodes. I have had no recurrance since and my health is good. I recently applied for life insurance from Aviva, who originally quoted me £15 per month for £100,000 cover. Now, a month later, after all the hassle of getting doctors reports etc they have contacted me and guess what! they now want £150.00 per month even though the doctors report says there is little chance of me getting it again. What do you feel about this ladies? I think we are getting a RAW DEAL!

I totally agree…i am a single mum of 3,got my life insurance paid out 4 years ago…should of pain mortgage off but bought a lovely mobile home and a jeep!The mobile is great but jeep rubbish and totally depreciated in value…
But now at 45, i cant get life insurance, im a stage 1, grade 3, her2,progesterone,oestrogene pos…so lucky enough to have had all treatments, ie surgery,chemo,rads,herceptic,tam/aromasin.
Just want to be treated as a normal risk (or slightly above normal) for my age

I was able to get life cover from The Insurance Surgery 2 years from the end of treatment (even though still on tamoxifen). £75000 of cover costs just under £100 a month for the first 6 years, then it will decrease to about £20 a month.