Life insurance with critical illness - when can i get cover?


Does anyone know how long after a primary bc dx you have to wait before anyone will insure you for life insurance that includes critical illness cover?

Thanks in advance

i was informed i would never get critical ilness again and to try for life cover 3 years after treatment, that was with a cancer insurance specialist, though my breast nurse said 5 years


It will all depend on the company providing the cover and their underwriting etc. At the time of applying for cover, you will need to answer all their questions - and a usual question asks whether you have ever had cancer and even if at that stage you are no longer having treatment, you must declare it otherwise it would void the policy.

Most likely scenario is that you won’t get critical illness cover at all but at some point you may get it but it would exclude cancer and any related illness. The premiums may be loaded to such an extent, it may not make it a viable option. The same may well apply even to the life cover - sorry.

All of this will be dependant on the provider’s policy and PLEASE read all the small print/terms & conditions and ask the company direct about any small query to be absolutely sure.

Hope this helps and I’m sorry if it doesn’t sound positive but I have worked for 20 years in the industry and you do need to know all the ins and outs and not just say yes to the first salesman who says something to the effect of don’t worry, we can cover you, only to find out at the time of any claim they won’t pay out.