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Please help. Looking to get life insurance and after breast cancer treatment 3 years ago I am wondering who would be good and not rip me off and cover me properly no matter what happens. Any recommendations please?

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Redrobin if you find any please let us know.I’ve been told by an independent advisor that I wont get life insurance until at least five years post cancer.I’m looking at critical care if I can afford it.

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just thought I would let you all know that my daughter’s are being penalised getting life insurance now due to my diagnosis.  I would recommend anyone with girls to try to get them to research critical illness cover while they are as young as they can. My girls are 29 and 32.

No just been told officially that no one would.cover me for critical illness for anout 15 years as i’ve had 2 cancers.The best I can get is putting an amount away each month into one of the no health questions asked ones that you see on the telly.At least that would cover funeral expenses etc

Hi ladies. I have just put my details into a website and think I may have some provisional quotes.

Moderators am I allowed to say the names of the companies? It may help others in their search. I have the initial people who help find quotes and I have the 4 insurers names. One may be unlikely, 2 not sure and 1 maybe more likely. Would love to share my experiences with names to help others.

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im in the same boat, 2 years post treatment and struggling to find life insurance. I’ve been advised to reduce cover amount to a quarter of mortgage for now but quotes are still £70/month +

Interested if anyone has found any good options? 

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I’m also looking for life insurance right now. I will be glad if you share your experience over these 2 years. Have you found the right life insurance? What is the average cost of life insurance per month? By the way, my parents are thinking about getting a Funeral Insurance Cover. To be honest, I don’t know anything about this type of insurance and why it is needed. My parents insist that this is a very necessary thing at their age. They are 73 years old. What do you think about this event?

What other types of insurance do you use besides the life one?

Of course, I use health insurance. During a pandemic, it is especially important. I also take care of property insurance: my house and my car. All types of insurance are vital. We care about our safety, so we try to prevent any undesirable situations. For example, my son was riding his bike and was involved in a minor accident. The medical insurance covered his treatment, and the bicycle insurance company covered his bicycle repair. It’s very convenient when you can be sure that you’ll get the help you need. If anyone has been in a similar situation, I recommend, a good bike insurance company.

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I’ve been reading through this thread on life insurance. It looks like a bit of a nigthmare! I’m just moving house and looking for life insurance to cover the mortgage.  I have spoken to 2 providers, one said no cover until 2 years post end of treatment (Polly) and the other (Reassured) said 1 year after treatment ends.  I’m just 1 year post diagnosis so I don’t qualify.  I wondered if anyone has found a life insurance provider that will cover you without the post treatment timescale?

Thank you lovely peolple