Life sucks sometimes!

So got my results today and the cancer is back, after 3 years since my last treatment. I’m so f***ing annoyed. When life is on a up it knows how to come crashing back down. My wedding a new job (witch I start on Monday) all going right then this. Things in life are to test you, but what is this test? Why again? Does it want to see if I will be as strong as last time? Does it want me to give in? Because I won’t. Why at 27 am I having to do it again? Cancer isn’t agest at all. Sorry just needed to vent.


Hi i am so sorry to here your news but you have to stay strong and beat this c again. You haven’t given any detail of your original dx and your dx now as an indicator of the treatment you may need?

We are all shocked at the dx stage but it does get easier once you know where you stand and have a treatment plan.

Tricia xxx