Lifting Songs

Anyone have any songs that when they are down it gives you a well needed lift?

Mine is Wilson Phillips - Hold On

I think its quite apt for all of us ladies that are going through this journey. It was my motivation song anyway but now I listen to it I think of all of us going through this journey and how angry it makes us sometimes. It really does make you grit your teeth and get up and face this b*stard head on!

Don’t know about songs but I get a lot of comfort from many of the hymns. I found myself singing (??)

Father I Place Into Your Hands

a lot in the days leading up to my op.

God bless.


A bit of a curve here on this subject - we are iinviited to my nephews’s wedding next week a 38 yrs old accountancy graduate now earning mega bucks with a cell phone company, fiance also 38 yrs old,
Neither of them married before,or cohabited, and it sounds like real love and caring. When we got the wedding invitation, we were asked to send back a request for a song to be played by the dj. I am 63 yrs old, quite young looking but know nothing about modern music,and my brilliant caring husband is 79 yrs old!! quite likes Bruce Springsteen’s Damcing in the Dark" = whatever, we will get up to dance.
When I die, I don’t want funeral hymns, although I do respect those that do - I just want some rejpoicing of my life with some upbeat music that I loved to dance to.l

Good Choice!!!

Your husband has very good taste.

I do hope you enjoy the wedding.


Yeah mine is a hymn
I know who holds the future and he guides me with his hand, with God things dont just happen everything by Him is planned, so as i face tomorrow with its problems large and small I’ll trust the God of miracles give to Him my all.

Saying that i am angry with God just now but if i dont trust Him i have nothing. Just cant see why we have to suffer.

Oh and if it comes to funeral songs i want the Liverpool footy club anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’


I don’t know why but one of mine is “Unchained Melody”, from Ghost. I much prefer the version sung by Gareth Gates but also enjoy the original. I find I can sing along and bellow at the top of my voice at the end - no wonder we are always getting new neighbours - only joking - my neighbours are great.

Love K

Excellant thread this!!

Mine has to be ‘You got the love’ from The Source feat Candi Statton!

I love every version of it and even more so after it was played at the end of the very last episode of ‘Sex and the City’!! Awesome!!!



I love that song too!

Good Choice!

It depends - A favourite hymn would have to be bread of heaven or He who would valiant be.

As for pop songs one that always makes me smile is always walk on the bright side of life.

When I was a bit down and apprehensive about my first chemo, my old boss told me to play M People, Search for the Hero and I played it every chemo, at least once, on my iPod especially when that bl**dy cold cap was making my eyes water!

Agree with Treakle about Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah, also Onward Christian Soldiers is uplifting and To God Be The Glory but if I entered a church and sang then the walls would cave in!!!

Driving away from radiotherapy (25 times) I always played, good and loud, Queen - Hammer To Fall, Genesis - Turn It On Again and Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love, EVERY DAY - trouble is those songs are now forever associated with RT. Driving up I played calming tunes/songs.

Hi Ladies

One of my daughters favourites is The Black Eyed Peas “My Humps” . We always turn it up in the car and have a really good sing to it.

Seems quite apt???

Take care



The song that helps me is “i get knocked down but I get up again” I think its by Chumba wumba (not sure it thats right), it helped me 12 years ago when I hade cancer for the first time and now its back I sing that to myself!
The words of the song “i get knocked down but I get up again nobodies going to keep me down” help me

Hi Lesley,

What a brillaint tune to pick, quite motivational.


WOW what great songs, and a really positive thing to be focusing on.

I love Entrance of te Queen of Sheba by Handle, partly because songs with words make me too emotional at the moment, but when I get a grip I love “you do something to me” by Paul Weller which makes me think about my fab OH.

Music is a lovely way to switch off and relax. Look forward to reading all the rest of your suggestions.


“Something inside so strong” by Labi Siffre. Makes me a bit weepy sometimes but also reminds me that I am a brave girl and I’m not going to give up that easily :slight_smile:

I know this will offend some people but I always laugh when hubby tells the story of them getting wrong music at a cremation, and Queens ‘another one bites the dust’ blurring out.

Very Bad Taste Soz


Love it!!! imagine someones face if that belted out the speakers!

ha ha


Anyone remember the ‘Race for Life’ ads that aired a few months back?

The song they used was ‘Altogether Now’ by The Farm. I had never really considered this to be an uplifting song until that ad, now I do.

Just thought I’d share that with you!


Hi Kelly

That was a song I couldn’t remember the name and group, I will be singing the song in my head probably until I go to bed.

Great song


My fave song to ‘uplift’ is All the things I should have done by The Killers

I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…played VERY loudly thru headphones!!!


Stay happy