light at the end of the tunnel

Just wanted to give a little hope to those out there just starting on the roller coaster called cancer. two years ago i had the bomb shell i had breast cancer. my world went from normal to mayhem doc appoints, hospital vistits, surgery, chemo, radio, herceptine it was never ending they always seemed to be tagging other things on to the treatment. i went through anger, hate, depression, a million different feelings and mood swings, why me, how did this happen what about my family how would i/they cope, how would the treatment affect me, my god its unbeleivable what we go through ladies but there is light at the end, my treatment is nearly at a end, two years worth which seem a lot when your first told this will be done or that will be done, but its has flown by, i crossed one bridge at a time ticked off in my head that one down, thats two down, now i have 4 treatments of herceptine left to go, which i have found no problems with at all. i feel great i can hold my head high and say i HAD cancer but i beat it. throught the last two years i kept a diary of all that happened good and bad, my feeling, my thourghts everything and reading it back my god how scared i was but i’m not scared any more it sounds strange but it has made me far more confident, stronger and much more appriciative of people arround me, i have much more patients than before. every day is precious, i look at things differently see so much more beauty in the world, i take much more notice of things that before i would have just passed by…keep your chins up ladies not all stories have happy ending i know that, but i am a very very lucky woman, i have had the love and support from my friends and family and a great team from the hospitals and doctors. You can get through this yes its hard physically and emotionally on everyone but you can beat it. take care all x x x

reddragon - what a superb post! Thank you - I may come back and read this again and again, as encouragement through the ‘dark days’ ahead. I go in to surgery a week today, still don’t know what treatment I’ll need after (except my bc is oestregen receptive, so tamoxifen is a cert). Mostly I can just focus on the next step in the road - but occasionally the enormity of it all washes over me and leaves me gasping (but only for a second, mind of a goldfish, me). At those OMG moments, a post like yours is the perfect tonic.

Sophie xx

wonderful post I’m sure it will give hope to those starting out.

love the picture too :slight_smile:

Best wishes melxx

Hi Reddragon
Thanks for the inspiration. Like the diary idea think I’ll start one too. Glad to hear you are doing well.

A wonderful post, have had surgery but am waiting to see what further treatment I will need, appointment next Wednesday!

Woke up this morning feeling decidedly p****d off with the whole cancer thing, but a friend’s post on FB and this post have made me feel a whole lot better.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Lovely post reddragon,

I can safely say that after my diagnosis in sept 09 at the age of 41 started chemo Oct 09 and told at the end of chemo was to have a mastectomy and radiotherapy and 8yrs of hormone suppressants thinking that Christmas 09 was my last and it was not…In fact after my chemo, my mastectomy and radiotherapy and herceptin (due to complete in feb 11) and dispite the fact I have declined the option of the 8yrs hormone supp. I am alive and happy and the further away from the chemo I get the more normal I am looking and healthier and happier I have become…I really did not belive anyone when they said you would move on and life would get back to some level of normality…well folks it does and there is nothing more terrifying than being told you have cancer…but the the emotional and physical feelings of the diagnosis and treatment begin to pale in to the past…Hang on in there folks, you can do it…life is not a rehearsal and so when treatments come to an end ensure you dont let your mind run away with you…after all we could be knocked down by a bus so live, live, live that life to the full…Best of health, wealth and happiness to you all Jo xxx

Jo68 and Redragon,
What lovely posts thank you. I know people post a lot less when they feel they are leaviing all this crap behind, so that is very welcome. I love that you both feel so positive and optimistic, I hope I can be as lucky, and as happy,
Thank you,