Likely treatment for recurrence?

15 years ago I had IDC in left breast @ age 33.  Had mastectomy, axillary clearance, AC chemo and 5 years of tamoxifen. No nodes out of 11 affected at that time.

I’ve just been diagnosed with a recurrence in my left armpit.  2cm hard lump came back with same ER+ HER2 neg after core biopsy. CT TAP and Bone scan have come back clear for any other site and I await a PET scan. 

The consultant has advised that I will need Chemo and possibly surgery. Just wondering what is the likely chemo (I has 4xAC the last time) or other treatment and if anyone else has had something similar.

To complicate matters I have lymphoedema in the left arm for the last 3 years so surgery will likely make it worse.  Thanks


Sorry you find yourself having to go through chemo again for a recurrence. It seems that you are hormone positive, HER2 negative so the chemo will be one that is used for that type of breast cancer. I’m not sure what would be the one your oncologist uses, sometimes they differ as, with a recurrence or with secondary BC there isn’t always a definitive choice, it’s often up to the oncologist. Also some chemos are not available to be used unless you have previously had a different type. It’s best to find out from your oncologist then research that particular chemo if you want to find more about it and it’s side effects. A useful place to check is on the chemotherapy part of the main forum (not the secondaries part of the forum) as there are more ladies going  through chemo who share their experience. A lot of us ladies on the secondary part don’t always have chemo at this point so there’s less of us to help. I’ve often checked the chemo threads when I’ve started a new chemo and found out lots of helpful information on there, there’s no difference with dosages, side effects etc between primary and secondary BC ladies from what I’ve seen other than additional treatments for bones etc but as you are clear (from your scans) it doesn’t sound like any additional treatments will be added.

Good luck 

Nicky x