just to let you all know, the lilac lymphodoema bracelet will be in stock next week, photographed, on the website and on sale by Friday from

Thanks for letting us know Angie, I will be ordering one. Elinda x

thanks for that angie will be ordering one

Me too!

Thanks for the info Angielav!


Thanks Angie, I’ll be getting one, too.


Acacia Avenue.

This is a good idea, should you wear one if youve only had a few nodes removed too?

dont order till tuesday x

Thanks Angie, though please remind me.
Clare, I don’t think you are at risk with nodes still intact, tho don’t quote me on that.

I’ll be getting one too, so fuzzy head here, do we order on Tuesday
Jo xx

There may be a chance of some discount so please hang fire until I get the details … will post more on here tomorrow night x

the lilac band will be available at the end of the week. You need to use the following link to receive 10% discount … please note, this is only available to members on this forum and their families.

Please note, the full link needs to be used including the number on the end.

The discount will be shown when you get to the checkout.

The company ask that people do not re-post this except on the forums i.e. we would rather people did not post this on twitter / Facebook pages etc. as we have set this up for your use and the use of the users on the breast cancer forums. We will be happy for members families to use it etc. but we do not really want it being widely publicised on members private Facebook pages etc. without our prior approval.

Thanks Angie,
that’s a great discount and I hope the offer is repsected by all.

Thank you for all you’ve done to get this organised. I’ll get a lilac one to alternate with the lurid pink!!

They want a CLUB CODE when you go to the site via the link. How do we get that?

I think the club code is the number at the end …

If you use the link the discount is taken off at the checkout. It didnt ask me for any other info.

As long as you use the link with the code at the end … 991867 … it is picked up automatically. Hope this helps. Let me know if you’re still having problems.

Try as I might I can only find the pink bracelets? Any suggestions?

Wait until the lilac ones come on line on Friday.

Ninjas right. The lilac one isnt available till end of week.

The lilac/purple ones are now in stock … message from idband is:
We only have the one (large) size in the purple as the factory did not get the order right. We also have medium and large with the message “Medical ALERT! LYMPHOEDEMA + No BP or Needles This Arm” which would be more suitable for anyone who has developed Lymphoedema as a result.

Please click on the link to get your 10% discount

angie x