Lipo-filling, any tips for reducing swelling and bruising?

Hi everyone, I had lipo-filling on my DIEP breast last Friday to separate scar tissue which had stuck down and formed a big dent. I naively thought it was a much smaller op than it is and am stunned by the amount of bruising, swelling and pain.
They took fat from my hips and love handles or “flanks” and injected into the top of my left breast.
I am bruised from just below my boob to a good 8 inches down both thighs. The bruising goes right round my torso covering my tummy and back. Looks like I’m wearing a kinky blue/black bra-less play suit!
My skin feels very tight where it is so swollen. On top of it all I still have constipation that I always get after anaesthetic. The muscles and skin hurt when I try to wee. It’s like an out of body experience! !!
I’m taking a rotation of paracetamol, ibuprofen and tramadol, antibiotics, laxatives and Arnica tablets and cream.

Any suggestions would be most welcome!!

Sorry Riverside dawn, I can’t offer you any suggestions or advice, but I am due to see a plastic surgeon re the exact same procedure for a dent formed on my affected breast due to scar tissue/adhesions following lumpectomy. I also didn’t realise it was such a big op - it doesn’t seem very common in the UK so theres not much information available about it. Do you have support pants to wear for a few weeks? I’d read somewhere about that - might help with the swelling and symptoms related to that? I’d be interested to hear how you get on but most of all hope you feel more comfortable soon. X

Thanks Blue. I’m going to the dressings clonic today so will see what they hAve to say. Also have my 3 monthly oncology review, hope he doesn’t want to check for lumps as he’ll get a shock!!

Someone said that it may be some of my drugs making me bruise more easily. I read that as a side effect of ?letrazol I think?

They have told me to wear compression pants or any thing so will check what I’m meant to be doing. I bought some support shorts yesterday and have been icing, taking and rubbing on Arnica. Can’t think what else to do.

I’ll keep you updated - when’s your appointment? X