Lipo grafting after 1st operation

I hope you are all well.

I just thought I would update a previous question I had on lipo grafting but the thread has been closed which I understand why.

I had my first lipo grafting operation to help with breast reconstruction after having a perforated flap operation which didn’t go so well. I had been told I would probably need 4 operations to increase the volume and improve the shape of my boob.

After the operation I felt good, not too sore but quite badly bruised around the donor site mainly. I was also more swollen than I had realised, I looked at my breast and was really pleased with how it was looking, however, once the swelling had completely gone done after about a week, it wasn’t looking quite as good but there was still an improvement. It’s been 6 weeks since my operation and I’m feeling well, yes it pulls a bit when I stretch still but it has held some of the new size but only slightly but it’s still an improvement.

I had my follow up yesterday with my surgeon, he was a little disappointed I had not held onto more fat, especially as I am disabled and not too mobile but it is what it is and still a step in the right direction. He has decided to let things settle for 6 months, I have a low immune system so it takes me a little longer to recover, then we are going to try again. He did say if I change my mind at all about future lipo grafting that’s understandable because it might be the case it’s just not for me, he did say it helps a lot of ladies get a better outcome though.

I just wanted to let the ladies know how it went and if you have any questions please ask.

I hope you are all keeping well.

Sue x


Thanks for sharing your update .

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