Lipofil of reconstructed breast

I had a DIEP reconstruction in March and the consultant I saw recently has suggested having some liposuction and lipofil to move some of the reconstructed breast tissue from one area of the breast to another.

Has anyone had this done? And are there any possible complications. I’ve been told it will probably be done under a general anaesthetic and I wondered what the recovery time is. I’m anxious not to have to take time off work as I’ve already been off this year for a couple of months for the DIEP.

Would be grateful for any advice.


Hi Lizzie,

I had lipofill to my DIEP recon done in December last year, the fat was taken by liposuction from the inside of my thighs and injected into my recon breast, under a general, I only stayed in over night but could have gone home that day, had a lot of brusing on my thighs and it was a bit sore for a couple of days but was soon back to normal, hope this helps.

Good luck


Thanks Jo - that’s helpful.

Are you pleased with the results? I’ve been told by the consultant that it will take several sessions which is a bit of a pain, so I’m trying to work out whether to go ahead with it.


Hi Lizzie,

I too was told by the consultant that it could take several sessions, as some on the fat could be reabsorbed, lucky for me I only needed one sessions my dent was quite small but it was in the clevage area so to me very noticable, very happy with results and would have the op again if I needed it in the future.


Hi girls

This is quite encouraging for me. Due to have infill, was supposed to have it done over a month ago, but put off, was a bit nervous. Supposed to be getting it done end of year. Feel a bit more confident now.


Thanks Jo - and hello Julie!

Yes, I feel more reassured now. I suppose I was a little concerned as the surgeon who suggested the liposuction and infill isn’t the one who did the original reconstruction (he was wonderful, but he’s in the army and away in Afghanistan at the moment).

Thanks for your help.

Lizzie x

ps Where did you have your DIEP done, Jo?

Hi ladies,
Can I ask where you are in the country? I’m trying to get this done to fill my dent (haven’t had recon) but can’t find anyone in the SE that does it.
Thanks, Sue

Hi Sue

I’m in Hampshire and had my surgery at Haslar Hospital a few months ago.

A new chap has just arrived there in the last month or so - Demetrius Evriviades and he’s the one who’s suggested fiddling around with my reconstruction.

Hope this helps.


Hi Sue and Lizzie

My surgeon was Patrick Mallucci, his NHS post is at the Royal Free in London, and he has a private practice at London Plastic Surgery Associates, 30 Devonshire Place, London. He performed both my DIEP and lipofil,
I am very pleased with the results, a fantastic plastic surgeon, when I had my DIEP done orignally my blood vessels were very small and when the skin had been transplanted and the micro surgery done he waited over two hours in the op room before the blood started to flow, he didnt give up and after the surgery, again my small blood vessels were restricting the blood flow and we thought it was going to fail, Mr Mallucci used leeches to help suck the blood through and help the flow, after that I went back into the op room and he re-checked the mircro surgery, without all this care I would have had to had the new flap removed.

Hope this helps (and doesnt put you off a DIEP)


Hope this helps

I am new to this site and have been driving myself and my loved ones mad as I am always being negative instead of being glad to be alive. I actually feel as if cancer has taken over and nothing else matters. It is over a year since I have had a mastectomy but i still think about it every day. The worst thing is my memory. Does it ever come back and can I ever store new information again? i am actually having a nipple recconstruction done at the3 moment so you would thing I am at the right and of things.

I do want to get better and give others some help.

Hi Jo

Thanks and it sounds as if you had an amazing surgeon - what persistence! I’m really pleased that your DIEP flap survived. I was incredibly lucky, too, and had a PS who couldn’t have done more. Unfortunately he’s out in Afghanistan at the moment, so I’m temporarily under another chap who’s just arrived at the hospital.

I’m quite keen to go ahead with the lipo-reshaping, but I think I will wait until my original surgeon is back as it doesn’t seem right for someone else to be fiddling around with Simon’s handiwork! This might sound a bit daft, but having been through a DIEP with him, I feel I can trust his work and his judgement - does that make sense?

Iaineyb (don’t know your name yet)…on another thread about ‘Living with Cancer’ or ‘After Treatment’ I’ve left a post asking when it is that I won’t be thinking of what I’ve been through almost every hour of every day. I asked someone at work today who had a mastectomy 14 years ago and she said it took her a couple of years not to feel constantly conscious of her experience and op. Like you, I also worry about my short term memory - but I think this is bound to be a side effect of a major op and a traumatic experience. I think as time goes on, you should find that things will improve - and then, of course, age-related dementia will strike and then we’ll all be lost!

I’m lucky in that I’ve felt amazingly positive throughout all this - and I also have a job which takes up much of my energies…so I’m not able to dwell too long on the negative aspects of the whole thing. Perhaps once your nipple construction is done, you might feel the ‘job’ is more complete and you might be able to start moving on. But it’s not easy to just leave your experience behind and I don’t think you should pretend to feel more positive than you do.

Hope you get some support from here - there are lots of people to help out.

Good luck.

Lizzie xx