Hi there,

I’ve just been called in at short notice to have some lipofilling done on Thursday. I didn’t expect it to be done till the end of the month! I had an igap reconstruction done last year and this is to fill it out a bit as it is too small. They are going to take the fat from my thigh. Has anyone had this done & could tell me what to expect? Feeling excited/ nervous about it now.



I’ve just bumped up a thread about this for you.
I had lipo fill 11 days ago. I was slower to recover than I thought I’d be. Not that sore, I stopped the painkillers after the first day. But I’ve been tired and sort of “weak” from the anaesthetic. I was driving after a week and am pretty much back to normal now with a few twinges.

TOP Tips:

  1. if you are going to leave the same day, get someone to come and get you and take charge of the situation (see previous thread).
  2. I was told to wear control pants for 6 weeks to make sure the lipo site stayed smooth. Get some really comfy well fitting ones before you go in. Mine were rubbish and drove me crazy until I demanded my husband drive me to M&S for some new ones immediately!

Good Luck.

Thank you Naomi, that was really helpful. Just want to get it done now although I have been warned that it may take two goes.


Hi, just been discharged from hospital after my lipofill & feeling very sore and sorry for myself. I have some spectacular bruises on my thigh from where she took the fat but I’m extrememly disappointed in my breast. It hardly looks as though she’s put much in at all although I was warned that it might take a couple of goes. My main concern is that I’ve been told not to wear a bra but didn’t think to ask for how long. The reconstructed breast is smaller and higher up than my normal one (which is sagging somewhat) and the thought of going back to work looking like some sort of freak is filling me with horror. Where I work is very warm & I usually just wear a T-Shirt so I can’t even go down the baggy jumper route. Has any body else experienced this & how long did you have to go without a bra?

Love lbx157

Not experience of this yet (but will have soon).

I live out in the sticks, so have to be a bit inventive if I can’t get to the nearest big town to shop. After my mastectomy I used a bikini top (the type where the cups/triangles slide along a cord or band) I removed one of the cups/triangles and was left with an instant one-cup bra.

I wouldn’t have gone out and bought a bikini specially, but if you have that type of bikini top knocking around you could give it a try.

Otherwise, you can confection a one cup bra of sorts by tying a pair of tights around you, with your good boob covered by the waist/hip area of the tights, and letting your lipo boob peep out from between the two legs.

Haha Kittikat the mind boggles, I can’t quite visualize the tights creation but thank you for making me laugh!

I’m still not in a bra. I wear a loose silk scarf over my top, looped a couple of times round. I am amassing quite a collection! If you can wear a cardigan then a wool pashmina or wrap looks fine.
The first support I can bear is always one of those ‘secret support’ vests.