'Lipomodelling' to capsulated implant - huge disappointment.


I posted recently about my implant from 2008 that had capsulated. I had been offered ‘lipomodelling’ to help, and was told they would take fat from my belly and inject around the implant. This sounded like a good option, as the only other alternative I was offered was a full recon, which I didn’t want, as I’ve only just started getting fit again, and didn’t want any more invasive surgery.

So I went in yesterday. While I was in the prep room just before I was anethsetised, the surgeeon (who did the original mastectomy, and who I really rated) came out to see me and mark me up for the procedure. She said that as there was a chance of having to do a recon down the line, she wasn’t happy in using fat from the centre of my belly, and would take it from either side. I didn’t really get chancr to think about that… I was marked up, and in I went.
I came round in the recovery room, felt fine, but then they couldn’t find a bed for me, so was there 3 hours - mis-communication with the ward apparently, ward sister was waiting for the call to say I was ready, recovery room was witing for her to call to confirm the bed was free.

Once delivered to the ward, I couldn’t see my dressinggown/slippers, or my bag. I asked, they said they’d check. An hour later I asked again, oh they’d check. I wanted to go to the toilet, but it was visiting time, and ward was full, and only had my gaping-backed gown, and surgical socks… so I waited. And waited. Eventually visitors left I I went to the toilet, when I got back my stuff had finally arrived.

Then surgeon’s asst arrived, said it had all gone well but they hadn’t been able to take as much fat as they’d have liked. As I had quite a belly, I was very surprised by this!!! I was a bit concerned by the comment… but she said I could go home as long as I had my anti-biotics, which I hadn’t. The ward hadn’t requested them and now the pharmacy was shut, so they told me I’d have to stay in. Then said it was ok to go as long as someone could collect them from the ward first thing in the morning. We were to call first to make sure they were there. Well, we’ve called 3 times already, and still waiting, and ow they’re saying call after lunch.

Also, when I came round, part of my tongue was numb. They said that would be fine, it would go back to normal… and it hasn’t. The right side of the end of my tounge, the bit you’d use to ‘sense’ things with, it totally dead.

So I went home and thought well, at least it will be all worth it - looked in the mirror and cried. After all that hassle, it really doesn’t look or feel any different! I am still seriously lop-sided. I am sat here this morning, in pain, with a still deformed breast and just wish I hadn’t bothered, I feel totally and completely gutted.


So sorry to hear about your experience. You must be hugely disappointed, I really empathise. I had 3 lipofills, also from the side to my ld recon (no implant) and TBH it hasn’t made a huge difference. The harvest site was like yours on my flanks and they have never taken a large volume out. My third go was cancelled on my way to theatre due to the equipment failing and was rescheduled. Re the tongue, I had the top of the tongue & side numb, it felt like I was slurring my words! It went back to normal after a few weeks! I think the success of the procedure is largely down to the method of lipofill & the surgeon. I hope you’ll recover soon. X

Thanks Tina, reassuring to hear about the tongue!!

I had great faith in the surgeon as she did such a good job first time around, the problems were caused after that, by radiotherapy.
I’m just annoyed I didn’t feel we discussed the procedure enough before I went in - if we had, I would have confirmed I had decided NOT to have a recon, so they would be free to take fat from my belly.

I finally got my painkillers and anti-biotics at 4.30pm. Good job I had some co-codamol already…