Lipomodelling with Nipple sharing graft

Nearly. 2 years ago I had left sided mascetomy due to DCIS along with immediate implant. It was not nipple sparing. I was aware of this and accepted it. Later on I reconstruction on right breast because it was much larger than the left one. Nipple sharing graft was discussed and agreed on. Still in process of looking normal.


There appeared to be rippling on the implant which made the left breast smaller than the right. Therefore just over a week ago I had lipomodelling using fat from stomach area along with a nipple sharing graft with follow up appointments. Discomfort in stomach area. Can’t lift anything heavy e,g. More than one or two items of shopping. At follow up appointment. Dressings where removed. Dressings nurse had concerns over grafted nipple and consulted doctor. I was told to return to dressings clinic next week and advised to allow time for things to settle since both stomach area and breast area is still a little swollen before returning to more normal activities. 


I am concerned that grafted nipple may be rejected which of course I want to avoid.



Hi Gingernut1,

It’s understandable why you are concerned about this - it may be helpful for you to chat to one of our nurses who can talk you through your concerns - sometimes it can help to talk about these out loud. Our helpline is free and the number is 0808 800 6000. It’s open 9am-4pm weekdays and 9am-1pm Saturdays. You can also email our nurses on the Ask Our Nurse section of this Forum and someone will get back to you.

Hopefully there will be someone who can share a similar experience in this thread very soon.

Best wishes,

Laura at Breast Cancer Care 

Hi gingernut,


I hope your nipple and belly came out of the Lipo modelling ok and you are now recovered.


I would be interested to know how it turned out as my consultant spoke about Lipo filling should the dents where I had lumpectomy need addressing. He said it usually takes about 3 procedures but doesn’t always work. I am also concerned when I read another post that the donor site can have indentations where fat was grafted…don’t want to solve one problem but create another.