Hello, Im new to the Forum. 

Just wondered if anyone could give me some advice / input about lipomodelling.

I had breast cancer 9 years ago and then diagnosed again in March.  I had a mastectomy with immediate part reconstruction using the muscle from my back.  I decided not to have an implant but have fat taken from my body.  The surgeon said we would do this once I’d recovered from the op.  My op was in May 2015 and I had the lipomodelling in September.  By this time, the nipple had become very creased and is still like that (although grateful of course that I was able to keep the nipple).  Within a couple of weeks most of the fab had reabsorbed into my body.  The surgeon saw me a couple of weeks ago and said we would need to do again.  The first time I had fat take from both thighs.  I still have pain either side when I walk.  Considering having it taken from my bottom this time as I have the most fat there !! but wondering if I’ll be able to sit down.  

The actual breast area and under the arm is still very tight and feels like I have an iron bar inside.

Any information / experience gratefully received.  Thanks so much.  Very fearful of a further return.  My brother died of cancer this year at age of 53 (2 years older then me).  Julia

Dear Julia

Sorry that you havent recieved a reply yet.  Please do give our Support line a call, 0808 800 6000, open Monday-Friday 9-5 & Saturday 10-2.

Best wishes
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