Liposculpture/filling to reconstruction?


Has anyone had liposculpture/filling to their reconstruction? I had an immediate reconstruction about 10 years ago and it has gradually shrunk over the years. I have heard about this new procedure but would appreciate anyone’s experiences or views and can anyone explain the procedure to me?

Kim x

hi kim

a year after my first lumpectomy i was offered this by my surgeon to fill in a small dimple but declined it at the time… he said they would basically do a bit of liposuction on my tummy and use that to plump out my boob… was planning to try for a baby and knew my breast would change so was going to wait til after that.

hopefully somebody who has first hand experience will be along to answer your questions.


Hi Lulu,

Thanks babe for your comment. Hope you are well.

Kim xx

Hi my recon has broken down and will need something at some stage what have you decided to do did you find out what it entailed.


I’ve had 2 reconstructions, and my second was an IGAP (bottom) recon. It was a bit flat, and my DIEP was too big, so to even them out I had lipofilling done using the excess fat from my DIEP which was injected into my IGAP recon. It’s worked really well, and 7 months later doesn’t seem to have gone flat again - apparently sometimes the fat can be reabsorbed. It was quite painful on my ribs for a few days after as I think they really go for it when doing the liposuction! Compared to recon surgery though, it was a breeze!

Sally x

Hi Sally
thanks for the info don’t think I fancy the IGAP do you have a dent in your bottom now or does it just kinda rejuvenate itself? It might be the best thing as I will have a scar when the hole heals up oh well got plenty of time to mull it over between now and next year.
glad to hear everything went well for you eventually.
Susie xx

Hi there,
I had recon done diep 2 yrs ago, successfully and pleased initially with result. However my recon breast has increased in size, about 2 cup sizes and feels quite uncomfortable at times. I had some lypo done about 6 months ago but the breast only ‘filled up’ again.
my surgeon has now booked me in to have a reduction.My weight is much the same as it was 2yrs ago, I tend to put on a few pounds and lose just a quickly. I would welcome any comments, similar experiences. thanks

Hi there Catherine

I am having this done in October as my recon boob is a different size to the other one and I can’t find bras to fit at all!

I am hoping it will solve this problem and thought it worth a go at least. Hope someone can advise as to the results as I too would be interested in how well it works.

Best wishes

Deborah xx

Sorry, meant to say Kim :slight_smile:

Best wishes

Deborah xx