Liposuction on new reconstructed breast?

Has anyone had this please?  I had my reconstruction (PAP) tissue and fat taken from the thigh but the breast is slightly too large and so they have offered this but the only lipo suction I have seen on tv is on people’s thighs etc and it looks brutal.  


Also thinking about having a nipple sharing op but anxious about this too so if anyone has had this could you offer some thoughts on results etc?


Thanks very much!



Hi Mystery Mouse

It sounds like you have quite a lot to think about.  I wonder if you would more likely get responses in the Moving forward after breast cancer area of the Forum?  You might also find it useful to ask the questions in the Ask Our Nurses section as well.  

Our Helpline is here to help you talk through questions and help you consider your options, please do give them a call.  0808 800 6000.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer