list of things to help relieve symptoms


I’m hoping someone can point me in the direction of a post I was looking at on the 20th April, my Mum starts her chemo in 2 weeks and this list had loads of tips on of the sort of things to have ready in the house to make her feel better, things like manuka honey from what I remember, can anyone repost this for me or point me in it’s direction as I can’t find it this morning and want to get as much as I can for her.



Hi lloydy

is this the thread your looking for

Wishing your mum all the best with her chemo and hopes she doesn’t suffer too badly with side effects .


thanks so much for this it is exactly what I was after, and thanks for your kind words, I too hope she doesn;'t suffer too much, but want to do as much as I can to relieve anything that may bother her and this list will certainly do that!


Good for you lloydy. She may have to try different things and see which work for her. Be aware that some times she will be the mum you’ve always known and everything will be fine but that there will be other times when she feels very unhappy or very angry (or both at once, that’s fun), even if she is the kind of person who tries to hide it. These are natural reactions to having cancer and going through chemotherapy, but sometimes they call for a lot of patience and acceptance on the part of family members. It’s also ok for you to say ‘Mum I love you and sometimes I’m scared/angry/really down because you have to go through this.’

If your Mum begins to find it hard to do things, then any practical day-to-day help is good. Company is good. (My kids are all away from home, so seeing them from time to time has been one of the very best treats for me.)