little worried now.

Hi everyone, I have found myself here after finding a lump a couple of months ago, I thought it may have something to do with my monthly cycle so left it but monitored it as well. Still there and now a little bigger. I have had a strange, uncomfortable feeling on the under side of my upper arm. I have noticed over last few days that my breast “doesn’t look right” it looks as if it being pulled to the side slightly? Anyway I am waiting for an appointment for my local breast clinc for a mammogram and ultrasound and have been told I will wait up to 9 weeks! I am getting more and more nervous as time goes by. I am 38 years old and there is no history of breast cancer in my family. Sorry but I just need someone to talk to.

hi booboo, 9 wks seems a ridiculous time to wait, i thought you had to be seen by 2 wks, i would contact the clinic and push for a closer date, if its all ok at least you will have peace of mind and if not at least its being dealt with, i was sent away by a gp and told it was nothing , i left it about 8 wks and went to another gp who referred me and i was seen in 2 wks, i often wonder if those 8 wks made any difference, you chase it up i wish you good luck with it x

thanks fairyqueen, my husband wants to phone them to hurry it up, but me being me, I don’t want any fuss. I think if I’m still waiting next week to hear from them I might let him phone because all the waiting is getting a bit much, hopefully it is nothing but if it is I’d rather just get on with dealing with it.x

of course those 8 weeks make a difference, not it the end result but in your peace of mind!

i thought if you had been to the GP there were two outcomes. either he thought it had lots of indications to say it was serious and you got a two week referal , or there was some concern but no serious indiacators and you got a six week referral.

someone else with more knowledge than me will come along, but in the meantime just remember that eveyone here remembers what it was like after the first bomb blast that it might be cancer and the wait till the next set of results. so come on here for any silly reason to rant, ask questions or just get some sympathy.

also hold on to the fact that i think i have got it right but 90% of breast abnormalities turn out not to be cancer and of the remaining 10% nearly all are totally treatable and so many just dont spread.

anyway all the best and look forward to hearing your end result–another good one I hope there have been so many people this week with negative results it is giving me hope for my outcome

Hi Booboo,
I think FQ is right you should have an appointment within 2 weeks from referral by your GP (I think that’s NICE guidelines). If you don’t get this then make a fuss with the GP, the clinic or your local PALS (patient advice liaison) contactable via the hospital.
You’re obviously worried sweetie, it’s a horrible time and it’s not acceptable to have to wait that long. OAL is right in saying that your chances of it being ok are good, do try to relax if you can, and don’t look stuff up unless it’s on here!
I would advise you to call the BCC helpline asap - they are extremely knowledgeable and will be able to advise you and discuss your worries.
Let us know how you get on,
Big hugs

bubbletrouble, thank you so much, I take on all your advice. x

Booboo, back to your GP on Monday, turn on the works and DEMAND to be referred to the clinic as an urgent referral so you’re seen within 2 weeks.

Not that I’m saying there’s definitely something to worry about as 9 out of 10 referrals to breast clinics turn out to be NON-cancerous, more that you deserve to have your worries looked at so that (hopefully) you can celebrate that there’s nothing to worry about, or even if there is something, so that treatment can start. There’s no point hanging around.

Go for it, and be assertive on this one, you know you deserve it.

chocciemuffin, thank you. I will speak to them first thing on monday. Thank you everyone, even it it turns out to be nothing it is still a worrying time and it is so nice to come on here and share the worries with people who understand. My sincere best wishes go to each and every one of you and I will let you all know how I go. xxxxx

Hi booboo, hope you got on ok yesterday, thinking of you xx

Hi Booboo I agree with CM no way should you have to wait that long … I was told by my GP they only have to put urgent on it & you WILL be seen withing the 2 week slot which is the ‘NICE’ guidelines the GPs at my surgery put urgent on all breast queries … So yes go back & say you are not happy about this & demand you get seen asap I too am not saying this is anything to worry about, but to wait that long without knowing is too much to expect from anyone

All the best
Mekala x

week 6 today, still no appointment! Called the breast clinic and they told me I would have to wait the 9 weeks but might be lucky and just wait 8! Can anyone tell me roughly how long the appointment takes or does it vary from clinic to clinic? Thank you and I hope you are all doing good. Lots of love to you all. xx

OMG thats disgraceful, how can they do this to you. Cant you go back to your gp and say things are really bad and how much stress its causing you an ask for an urgent referral, thats bloody disgraceful leaving you waiting so long.

First appointments if they are doing mammos, ultrasounds, biopsies ect. usually take two to three hours.

Big mahoosive hugs.


thanks stargazerlily, asked my gp already and he told me all I could do is call them and thats what I was told when I did…really helpful huh? My only consolation is I only have 3 weeks to wait now!

this realy does not sound right to me. Why dont you ring up the helpline…0808 800 6000 and find out what your rights are, I am sure this is going agains national guidlines

booboo I really can’t believe you are not being seen for yet another 2 weeks its discusting ive never heard of anyone having to wait this long yes the helpline might be able to help Im wondering if contacting your local health authority explaining how long you’ve had to wait, you must be a very calm & laid back person as I would be kicking doors down … on any urgent GP referal there are guidelines by NICE who say every urgent referal HAS to be seen within the 2 weeks

keep us posted
much love
Mekala x

I’m really surprised u didn’t get a 2 week referral. Drs definately err on the side of caution where breast lumps are concerned. When i went to my dr with my lump they thought it was a cyst but sent me on a 2 week anyway as she said they don’t like to mess about where breast lumps are concerned,good job she did as it turned out to be cancerous. GP’s can expedite appts as well so u really shouldn’t have had to wait this long. Most breast lumps are just benign cysts etc but it is peace of mind for u if ur seen quickly. It’s not good enough. I really hope u get seen soon xx

Finally got my appointment date (20th july) feel more nervous now but glad I have a date at last, hopefully I’ll be back reporting good news to you all…if not I know I have some wonderful ladies here to talk to, take care all of you and thanks for all your comments and help. xx

All the best to you sweetie the 20th be here sooner than you know
sending love

Mekala x

Well today is the day(2.30pm) been so long coming that I don’t even think I’m nervous anymore! Glad it’s here and just want everything over and done with. As sad as it sounds my main concern at the moment is what to wear to the hospital, maybe it’s a coping mechanism? but I’ll go with it. Feeling quite positive as well so I hope that is a good sign. Will post back when I know more, hope you all have a good day and sending you all lots of internet hugs! x

Wishing u all the best today, at least the waiting is over & u’ll know either way. Don’t worry too much about what to wear, obviously something easy to slip on & off but they’ll probably give u a gown to put on anyway. Let us know how u get on,good luck. love Heather x