Liv Kit

Has anyone had any experience of using the Liv Kit? The gym I’ve just started going to will be flogging these at half price (I think) during October. It’s promoted as making self-exam easier by reducing friction with the skin so it’s easier to feel lumps. I have a rather cynical take on products like this, especially when they pop up during October and are bright pink! But if anyone has a good or less good opinion on its usefulness, I’d be interested to hear.


Not heard of them but I’d say it sounds a con.

the best advice on self checking is ‘Touch, Look, Check’…get to know your own breasts, what is usual for you. No need to to do complicated self examinations…just familarise yourself with your breasts and see GP if anything feels or looks different.

Bright pink gimmicks are usually there to make a profit for someone.


Hi Jane,
I suspect they’re not technically a con - in that they may help, especially for women who have a problem with feeling their own breasts.
But I think it’s probably one of those gadgets that get flogged on the back of something like October, or a celebrity with bc, and that never get taken out of the drawer. Exactly as you say, the real key is actually just doing it, and most women don’t.
One of the reasons I want to check if anyone’s actually used them is that the owner of the gym’s also asked if I’d be available one day to answer questions about breast cancer - it’s a small women’s gym. I’ve said yes, though I’ve got reservations about that as well - it may not be quite the “it’s been a transforming experience” that she’s expecting.


I think you will find Lyn that the major breast cancer charities do not recommend these devices. Why don’t you phone the BCC helpline and talk to someone to check it out?

Just because something is promoted by a women’s gym does not make it a good thing.

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Hi forum members

I have spoken to our breast health team about this and you may find it interesting to know that there is no clinical research evidence to suggest that products such as these are any more helpful than the normal practice of being breast aware. Being breast aware means knowing what your breasts normally look and feel like, and reporting any changes that occur to your GP without delay.

Hope this clarifies things

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Thanks, Ann.
To clarify - it’s not something I’m looking at buying, I want to know what it is because I have a feeling I’m going to be asked about it as the local breast cancer person.