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To have the cold cap or not? How long does the days treatment take if I do decide to go ahead with it? And is it really as unbearable as people say?

It takes about two hours, I didn’t find it too bad but gave up after two because my hair came out++. The worst thing for me was the smell of the conditioner. I have not used it since. Some get really good results, I didn’t.

I kept my hair through two sessions but I do know a couple of girls who kept most of their hair. Wrap up well if you decide to go for it as I used to get the shakes. It’s always worth a try.

Cheers people’s… Yesterday I was put off by it, but today and after reading people’s positive experiences I think i will give it a go. Just one question, I am aware that it will be more/ less effective depending on what chemo cocktail you have. I think I am having FEC … That’s pretty strong right?

Hi I used the cold cap on FEC and managed to keep most of my hair (execpt for a patch on the crown). It does delay/prolong the whole chemo treatment by about two hours but for me keeping my hair was quite important. Try it - the first ten minuits are the worst - but afte that you just feel numb! Use lots of conditioner and dont brush/comb it too much between treatments. After about 14 days is crunch time - your scalp will probably feel very sore/itchy - hair will start to fall out in clumps but this wears off and in my case i was still left with a decent amount of hair so avoided the wig thing. It’s not for everyone but give it a go…