Live chat tonight and extra session over the holiday

Hi everyone

Live chat takes place at 9 pm tonight for one hour and is open for anyone with a diagnosis of primary breast cancer.

Because of the Christmas holidays we will not be running a session on Thursday next week BUT we WILL run an EXTRA session on MONDAY 22ND DECEMBER

The next session will be on January 8th.

The forums will be open and our hosting team will be here over the whole holiday period so there will always be support for you here if you are feeling lonely or down or just feel like a break from the festivities.

I wish you all a good festive season and hope and happiness for the New Year

Best wishes


Thanks Lucy

i cant remember how to access the chat…

Hi narnia

At 9.00 just go to:

type in your user name and password and join the chat.

Best wishes

(blush…) thankyou…