Live in London? Secondary Breast cancer meet-ups

If you live in or around London and would like to meet up with other people living with Secondary Breast cancer, do come along and join us at one of the BCC support group meetings.  

Those of us who attend find them very helpful. We appreciate sharing experiences with others who know a bit about how it feels on the Secondary Breast Cancer roller-coaster.


The meetings take place at the Breast Cancer Care London Office, 5 - 13 Great Suffolk Street, London, SE1 0NS.  

They are on Thursdays and take place every two months.  They start at 11am and end at 3pm and include a light lunch. The day usually includes a very informative talk/discussion with a guest speaker who is an expert on some aspect of Secondary Breast Cancer. Topics have included pain management, fatigue, benefits, and a session on side effects of treatment with a clinical nurse specialist. There is also plenty of time to talk together.


The next session is coming up on Thursday 27th  March. A speaker will facilitate a session on Hair & Scalp Care as part of the day.


If you are interested in joining in, you can email:



Do think about coming along.





I’m hoping to be there.



Are these still being held? Any other South London meetings coming up?