Live secondary chat - 6/7/10

Sorry I got booted out at 9.15ish and couldn’t get back in til it was too late !!

Nicky - really good luck with results on Fri. Keep my fingers and toes and anything else crossed for you !

Ayla - hope to ‘speak’ again next week. Take care.

Liz x

Thanks Liz

I guessed that that was why you ‘disappeared.’

Still unsure of what ‘news’ I am actually anticipating on Friday, (well obviously hoping it’s all a huge mistake and it’s a rare form of non-cancerous bone abnormality :o) but don’t think that’s likely)

Lots of people (my Mum included) think I should have a hip replacement asap in an attempt to get rid of some of the cancer, but as time has gone on, I really don’t want my Summer ‘spoiled’. I don’t really know how many Summer holidays we will have left as a family (I mean that having a teenage son, who won’t want to be going away with us for much longer, as much as any poor prognosis!) so want to grasp every opportunity while we can! I would love an action packed holiday catching up with all my friends and family too!

I really don’t fancy sitting or stumbling around on crutches, I guess the outcome I want is…it being a very slow growing non aggressive met! that they will let me live with for a while before taking action! or one that is so hormone positive that it will likely ‘heal’ with the correct therapies!

Anyway less of the pondering…I will know on Friday, then can finally start planning my Summer.

Take care, it was lovely chatting to you again this evening…as always!

Ayla - nice to meet you…Take care!

Love Nicky xx

Hi Nicky,

Just wanted to wish you all the best for Friday. Fingers,toes and everything else crossed.

Missed you all last night, but had to go to my daughter’s school for an Art exhibition and some of her work was up. Made me very proud, then took her out for an hour for driving practise. Not too nerve racking.

Hope to talking to you next week - take good care of yourself and will be thinking of you and looking out for your posts.


Hi all

Just to remind you there will be a secondary live chat running tomorrow (thursday) from 11.30 to 12.30. Please do join if you are able.

Best wishes Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Hi Chris

We did miss you, there were only 3 of us there! So very quiet. Driving practice!!! You are braver than I am…although saying that I very much hope I will be around to have that ‘pleasure!’ with my son in 3 years time!

Take care and I will ‘speak’ to you next week,

Nicola xx (I decided to go posh as there’s so many Nicky’s!)