Liver biopsy info

Hi everyone I’ve been told today that it’s very likely I’ll be getting a liver biopsy and just wondering what to expect, is it a short recovery?

Bumping back up

Might be worth putting on ‘Ask the nurses’ EJane

Hi, I had one last month, went in about 9am , procedure was quite quick, then had to lay on my back for an hour and nurses had to observe my pulse / blood pressure etc and check wound.  After an hour I was able to sit up in the bed, eat drink etc. At just before 2pm I was able to leave. I took 2 days after off work. I didn’t suffer any pain just had to be careful not to lift heavy items and basically rest.  All fine. Unfortunately for me the sample they took was no good, sample or error or didn’t get the right area.  So they went ahead with capecitabine anyway. 

Hope all goes well, it isn’t too bad.