Liver biopsy

Liver biopsy tomorrow - anyone tell me what I’m in for, very scared, would rather they were knocking me out ?

hi di473,
From what I remember when working as a nurse, it is done under local anaesthetic, so not painful, the liver also doesn’t have pain receptors.
You do have to rest afterwards as there is a bleeding risk, simply because the liver is a vascular organ.
Hopefully someone can advise who has been through the procedure more recently.
As ever, often the prospect is worse than the reality, hugs for tomorrow.
ann x

I had liver biopsy very recently. Only had local anaesthetic which I believe is the norm and I certainly felt very little pain. I think for most people the idea of the procedure is much worse than the reality. Best wishes for tomorrow. xxx

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Thank you ladies. Nicky thank you so much, read your post this morning before going on & it did wonders for reassuring me … however … I wish I’d had your experience! No sedative offered despite me hardly being able to breath due to spending the previous hour crying to my bcn who was there with me! But omg it hurt, all of it … it was over quite quickly which was good but when the tube was in every time I breathed it rubbed on my rib which was awful … and then when it was out I had an immediate excrusiating pain in my right shoulder, the one I had to lay on, oh my it hurt! I had to wait to get back into the ward about 15mins then a further half hour of my nurse chasing them before I got some paracetamol. Left at 5.30 in the end and am a bit sore on the ribs which is to be expected & thankfully my shoulder seems ok (they said it was quite a common reaction due to irritating the diaphram). All in all, not a very pleasant experience, but necessary & done now I guess!! Xx

Hello .
I read the posting and thought is this really happening in the uk in the year 2017 …surely you could have had some form of sedation or pain killers …hope u have got over it now and put on your big girl pants and be proud of yourself .
Carolyn xxxx

Thank you for all your support ladies, in fairness I guess there’s not too much they can do, you need to breath in and hold your breath several times which pushes the liver down to a position where they can get to it … guess that’s not so easy to do asleep unless they cut you right open?! Tho it’s still making me feel quite queasy just thinking about it ? … still it’s done now! Xx

& yes it was a local used, but even that killed & don t think it was enough … but I guess right on the ribs like that there’s not much flesh to play with … urgh maybe I just had a bad experience, but it was awful! Thanks for the heads up about the bruising tho, bit sore & tender today but not too bad, hope it doesn’t catch up with me in the coming days!
Been told that my oncologist should have the results for our app on the 8th … Hope you get the right results from yours too xx

Ha, thanks Moijan - I’ll remember that ?

This is only to test status of bc to check it’s still Her2+ and hasn’t changed before I start treatment … hopefully they’ll soon be able to do that by other means!!

Thanks for all the advice ladies. Still so worried that the end of the road is coming quickly, don t know what treatment are available for Her2+ … Had herceptin for my primary so onc has said it will be the other one this time (beginning with p … can’t remember the name now) and tax again … but what then, is there anything on the list if and when that fails?? Very scared ? xx

Thanks for that info Nicky, do you know know if they always give the H & P together then as I got the impression that I will be having only the P … although the whole meeting is rather hazzy having just been delivered the blow that I had secondaries ? xx

Hi marli, I can’t help with the ct biopsy I’m afraid, but I mostly sorry if I scared you about the procedure … I was petrified, and it was only 2 days after finding out about my secondary diagnosis … to be fair it was completely awful & definitely get plenty of local … I wish I’d pushed for a sedative or something but nothing was offered … that said, we’re going through worse things I guess & it is over relatively quickly, so keep smiling and hold on to the thought that it will be done and dusted soon … I’m just a big wuss lol, doesn’t mean everyone else is lol. Hope they don’t mess you around too much and you get this sorted quickly … big hugs xxxx

Hi Helen, yes I have your message thank you, been a bit hectic with one thing or another … I’ve been meaning to reply since you sent it … hoping to actually have a few hrs free tomorrow so will respond & update you … thank you again, it really meant a lot that you took the time xxxx